Madagascar Biodiversity

Reforestation volunteers needed for a reforestation program in Madagascar to reconnect lemur habitat and sustainably help area residents.

About the Project

Madagascar is considered one of the most diverse and ecologically important biodiversity hot spots in the world. Such areas have unique plants and animals can not be found anywhere else and whose very existence are under threat.

Monitoring biodiversity and implementing reforestation is extremely vital in Madagascar.
With activities like logging, mining ans slash-burn agriculture having already destroyed most of Madagascar's original forests, natural habitats for many rare animals, especially lemurs, are severely limited. The MBP volunteer program at Kjanjavato includes community outreach and education programs, monitoring greater bamboo and black and white ruffed lemur populations and reforestation projects.

Social Impact

Our mission is to establish a research program that is grounded in community based conservation and education.
As well as expanding the animal habitat while sustainably benefiting the 12,000 area residents.

Contact Person
Ed Louis
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Volunteer & nursery manager at satellite nursery Seedlings in hardening nursery Kayla Planting at Hill T Small seed sorting with Lazer and Trevor KAFS Jannet Planting at Hill T Air layering training germinated seed Trevor sorting large seeds Sunrise from tent site Seed peeling preparations A tent site seedlings replanted study site A tent site Sorting compost with Single Mom's Club Sam and Trevor - Air layering