Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies offers a volunteer program for childcare, teaching and NGO support in the community of Rabat

About the Project

The MCAS Morocco program is based in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. In addition to Rabat and surrounding areas, MCAS has the opportunity to work outside Rabat in rural areas where volunteering projects are also available. The Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies is an active community organization throughout Rabat-Sale area. A city of 2 million, there are always places for volunteer activities, for students wishing to donate their time and effort to improving the city as well as their Arabic. Unlike our internship program, volunteers are generally put to work where they are needed.
MCAS is r committed to teaching Arabic as a foreign language to serve as a window into the culture of any Arabic speaking country. MCAS is also the leading program provider for volunteering and internships in many fields. MCAS is dedicated to offering a quality customized program through which we help the talented meet the powerless.
Our mission is to make sure that the Arabic courses taught at MCAS will enable our students to speak and use the language confidently and with ease. We equip students with a strong basis to understand Morocco and the Arab world through our engaging classes.

Childcare for children with special needs
Social Impact

Volunteering in the community of Rabat can make a large impact in both the volunteer and the people in need. Your work will provide these people with the attention and the mental stimulation that all the needy people, especially kids need to develop healthy social skills and self-confidence.
These people are in need of love, care and affection which local staff are often too busy to offer them on an individual basis.
You can impact the lives of people by donating your time and energy.

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Ali Bensebaa
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