Mente Argentina

Mente Argentina has designed a tailor-made volunteer experience in Argentina. Immerse yourself in Argentine culture and make a difference abroad.

About the Project

Based in Buenos Aires, Mente Argentina is an organization founded to provide international education opportunities and top quality personal support for international students through dynamic, individualized immersion programs. We strive to provide innovative programming that allows students to enjoy Argentina in a unique and different way while, at the same time, facilitating academic achievement and promoting global competence and personal growth.

Mente Argentina has partnered with several volunteer organizations & NGOs in Argentina that are in need of international volunteers who are passionate, hardworking, and ready to make a difference. You will see things from a new perspective as you engage with the people and the language, actively absorbing Argentinean culture.

As part of the Mente Argentina Volunteer Program you will work on locally run projects that benefit the community and improve the environment in which they live.

Social Impact

Mente Argentina’s volunteers have the opportunity to choose to work in a variety of different fields, including educating children from under-privileged backgrounds, HIV/AIDS counseling, and medical/health volunteering. Through our program, volunteers will have a chance to form a deep connection to the people of Buenos Aires and contribute to the improvement of life in Argentina!

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