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Local Community Development Supporter MIAOO


Nairobi, Kenya by MIAOO
4 - 50 weeks

Community Social Work

Help orphans and stop early marriage in the Maasai community though educating Maasai. We give them hope and a future in life.

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Project Details

The Maasai are the most marginalized community which has been affected by cultural ties from the past. It is a community with a colorful lifestyle.

About the Organization

I am a young Kenyan from Masai community, the most marginalized community in Kenya which has been affected by cultural ties from the past.We are nomadic pastrolist and our life revolves around our large herds of cattle which we belief that all cattle belong to us (the maasai).I have started an organization (MIAOO) to help orphans and to stop early marriage also educated Maasai in our community, unfortunate by giving them hope and a future in life.We have reputation as fierce warriors and a community with a colorful lifestyle. 

Causes we support: 

Childcare, Education and Arts

Maasai Indigenous Affairs Outreach Organization (MIAOO) creates events that benefit the entire community and especially the most in need. The Organization cooperates with local and International NGOs which will supply the community with Volunteers that will motivate the community in achieving their goals as well to provide the necessary knowledge.

We at MIAOO also have Maasai music we promise that our volunteers will be happy and promise our visitor that it will be unforgettable moment for them they will go back to there countries and come again to Maasai land, our organization. We also have enough security hop our hosting will me the best of all.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Dickson Sarbabi
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

M.I.A.O.O. Organization helps the marginalize Maasai community with the basic needs and education skills and also helps them to maintain and empower the Maasai culture being the only community withholding their cultural practices.

Our organization also empowers the women and youth.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals