Minas Dream

We support an orphanage in Southern India who are looking for help in developing its home to provide better care for its children.

About the Project

We at Mina`s dream are committed to helping projects develop into sustainable ones that can support the people that are in their care. The project is a two part one with the first being the care and development of the children in their care. Through helping to look after them, feed, teach and generally spend time with the children in games and play. Here you will have the chance to work with the local members of the orphanage and learn about the culture of India and experience things that tourists do not. The second part is related to Minas dream our organization because we want each volunteer to provide a solid feedback report from which we can then work with the local NGO into developing a system to help build a solid package for the home. This will involve in its own website, social media and trying to build a donor network dedicating to protecting the home.

Social Impact

By working with Mina Dream you can help by developing a package of support for the orphanage. And our aim is to work closely with both them and the NGO in building such a package because if the home has a good support network then they can start looking forward to improving the home and the future of their children by investing in education, and health care.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Wayne Guttridge
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Everyone wants a photo with the teacher. Try your hand at teaching computers as well. The teaching starts young in the nursery But no matter what the age all want to learn. teaching youngsters is fun. Always a captive audience