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Children's Refuge Supporter Misión México

Misión México

Children's Refuge Supporter
Tapachula, Mexico Misión México NGO | Misión México
Misiòn Mèxico is a children’s refuge providing love, life and hope to 24 children in our home in south Mexico. We'd love you to help give them the future they deserve.

Project Details

Refuge providing love, life and hope for children of all ages, who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned. Education, art, sport and surfing are all provided

Misión México is situated in Tapachula, Mexico, and is a registered charity in Mexico.

We provide a loving, secure home for children of all ages who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned. The number of children in our care changes constantly, but on average we care for between 30 and 40 children on a permanent basis.

Almost all of the children have suffered extreme poverty and abuse. Some have experienced unspeakable violence.

Since it was established in 2001, Misión México has helped transform the lives of more than 250 children, giving them a much deserved second chance at life. All are regaining a sense of confidence and self respect having found Misión México.

The refuge resembles a family home rather than an institution, where the children feel loved and secure.

The children attend school, something most of them had not experienced before. They also learn to swim and surf and are the only surfers in Tapachula! Surfing was introduced to enable the kids to find confidence in themselves and a belief that they can achieve anything they want.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Sophie Marvell
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

We provide refuge and hope to orphaned, abandoned, abused and disadvantaged children by giving them a home, family, love, education and opportunities for advancement in all areas of their lives.

Through a loving, caring, family environment where we focus on education, the children in our care have the opportunities to grow and reach their full potential.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals