Mix Volunteering With Maya

I'm Darshana De Zoysa (Maya). I live with my family in Kosgoda and I'm the organizer and coordinator of the mix volunteer programs in Sri Lanka

About the Project

Ayubovan, friends! My volunteer concept is a balanced mix of exciting and useful work, charity, travel and relaxation, combined with a quality family lifestyle service. More than 200 volunteers, mainly from China, have already managed to take part in my program and were happy. Having collected a lot of feedback, I gradually develop and improve the program, including offering a deeper involvement of volunteers in the process of selecting the content and timing of the program.

Social Impact

Turtles are satisfied. Buddhist monks are grateful. The plants grow. Volunteers are happy)

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Maya Darshana De Zoysa
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Boat Safari Buddhist Temple Fish massage Kosgoda Beach Turtle Hatchery Good morning