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NKA FOUNDATION ... Serving Underserved Communities in Africa through the arts, architecture education and volunteerism

About the Project

Nka Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the United States that exists to serve underserved communities in Africa and similar places through arts and design education. In rural Africa, Nka is building a network of arts villages, starting with Ghana and Tanzania. The arts village is designed as a learning center to provide stable places for creative people from the region and other countries to live, work, learn and create. Nka rural projects draws on asset-based approach to community development by cultural immersion and mobilization of existing, but often unrecognized abundant local resources to help drive the development process. We build the arts village through investigating and incorporating local materials and vernacular methods of construction used in the region to create contemporary buildings informed by our own design aesthetics.

Since 2008, Nka projects have been exploring the topic of tapping local resources for sustainable development in marginalized communities in Africa through symposium, design competitions, workshops and arts village project.

Social Impact

Nka projects are realized in partnerships with institutions, individuals and groups from around the world. Throughout the year, we organize international workshops such as earth architecture workshops and community arts workshops. Our projects invite university students, graduates, working professionals, and retirees to immerse in the local lifestyle and learn-by-interact with the people through the arts village, the local school or other spaces for cross-fertilization of knowledge and skills.

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
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Barthosa Nkurumeh
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Abetenim students in the local library Classoom in Abetenim M/A Primary School It's hammock time! Workshop by M.A.M.O.T.H Association, France Kukor Community Library at Abetenim by Solterre Volunteer Accommodation, build by M.A.M.O.T.H. A A heap of palm fruits Kejetia Market, our weekly trip into Kumasi Abetenim students in a computer class Hiking to distillery that produces local gin Rammed earth workshop by Raumgeschichten e.V. The Mud House by an architect from the UK Volunteer Accommodation, design by Angeles Hevia A hiking trip Abetenim students, photo by Mirela Fiorese A Wedding Ceremony at Abetenim Arts Village Abetenim students in an art class Volunteer accommodation built by Two+Three Team Classoom in Abetenim M/A Primary School Nkabom House  by Anna Webster