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We merge cutting edge conservation techniques with local knowledge to carry out effective research and solutions to re-wild some of Namibia's most magnificent habitat

Oana conservancy is 45,000 hectares of private game reserve, it is impressive mountainous semi desert with 50km of lush paradise Orange River.

From March-November we run a range of expeditions from 2-5weeks which are a real mix of conservation, community and adventure sports. 

Oana was founded by Ian Craig, who was recently featured with the Duke of Cambridge in the Netflix Film The Ivory Game. Ian Craig along is on the forefront of conservation leading projects worldwide to save the critically endangered species such as the African Elephant and the Black Rhino. 

Oana conservancy is prime habitat for the Black Rhino and our aim is to get volunteers in and to help transform the land from farmland/hunting ranch into a National Park within the next 10 years. 

Volunteers are needed to do a full ecological restoration of the land by conducting biodiversity surveys, eradicating invasive species and re-introducing wildlife. Volunteers will have the unique experience to be part of game changing conservation work and truly make their mark in the race to save the Namibia’s critically endangered mega-fuana. 

Our primary focus is conservation but we also do community education and food security projects in Warmbad town, permaculture, and adventure sports such as hiking, fishing, horse riding, mountain biking, cliff jumping and an epic 4-day white water rafting on along the Orange River camping out on sandy beaches and watching clawless otters catch carp – it’s truly an unforgettable experience.  

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Conservation in Africa cannot be achieved with out the support of the local community. Ian Craig the founder of Oana Flora & Fauna is the leader when it comes to social impact and community conservation. 

Ian Craig is Head of Conservation at Northern Rangelands Trust in Kenya and former owner of Lewa Conservancy. We use Ian's leadership and immense achievement in Kenya as a model to conduct community work here in Namibia. 

At Oana we work hard to build a positive relationship with our local town Warmbad which is 1 hour's drive away from base camp, we implement projects that the community decide on because we want to help their needs and not ours. Oana educates the Nama community of Warmbad on conservation, provides computer training, one-on-one learning difficulties lessons and has set up a food security program. 

We meet the community leader Mr. Kaloppa frequently and work closely with the towns creche and primary school. Warmbad town desperately needs job opportunities and food security - this was the request of the community leader.

Therefore we approached the Ministry of Forestry and Michelle Durocher Primary School in Warmbad and have been granted permission to set up the community's first ever vegetable garden. 

We will be given support of knowledge and skills from the Ministry of Forestry, the are going to teach the community how to irrigate the crops using less water and permaculture techniques. Together with our volunteers and the primary school children we are going to start building the garden in May 2017. 

Namibia is one of the driest countries in the world which is why we need a highly skilled team to teach the community how to irrigate efficiently and us the water and resources they have to ensure successful food for the community. The primary school will use the food grown for school lunches and any extra will be sold by the students in charge to start a little business and provide them with jobs. There is no supermarket in Warmbad which sells vegetables. This will also benefits the communties nutrition and hopefully save costs on health care. 

Volunteers will also be involved in our education projects at the Primary School 

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