Otra Cosa Network

OtraCosaNetwork is a registered Peruvian non-profit NGO that offers a variety of affordable and satisfying opportunities to well-motivated volunteers.

About the Project

Our mission is to support development in Northern Peru by connecting dedicated volunteers with local community projects.

Our vision is for equal opportunities in Peru for everyone to succeed and thrive.

Our goal at Otra Cosa Network is to connect suitable community led projects with willing, capable volunteers in a way that benefits both parties. Together, we aim to offer life changing support to the children and adults at the community-led projects we partner, and also a life changing development opportunity for our selected volunteers.

Our ultimate objective, however, is to support our wide range of projects with suitable volunteers to help them improve the quality of people's lives in their local area.

Social Impact

Our social impacts are both on the community and on the volunteer. We can see our significance by the gratitude of the participant. We provide support to our twenty five different volunteering initiatives which assist in the access and participation of children, women and men to education and training. Most recently this can be seen in the creation of HELP Women and the promotion and encourgement of a woman's equal right to education, employment and a fair wage.

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Juany Murphy
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Huanchaco beach OCN office joint volunteer dinner Huanchaco overview joint volunteer dinner OCN office local market joint volunteer dinner local market Huanchaco overview Huanchaco overview local market Huanchaco beach Huanchaco overview Shared lunch local market Huanchaco beach local bakery Yanasara valley overview Thermal Baths, Yanasara kindergarten class room (younger kids) class room (older kids) Yanasara valley road into the village road inside the village Huanchaco overview joint volunteer activities local market joint volunteer dinner

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