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Primary School Teacher Pamoja International

Pamoja International

Kisumu, Kenya by Pamoja International
4 - 26 weeks

Education Children and Youth

Volunteer to teach english, math, social sciences in a primary school.

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Nairobi, Kenya by Pamoja International
2 - 8 weeks

Business Microfinance

Voluteer and offer financial services and education to low income earners.

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Mombasa, Kenya by Pamoja International
2 - 8 weeks

Environment Conservation

Marine conservation volunteers are needed to research on chemical and physical oceanography, training on modern fishing methods and sustainability.

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Nairobi, Kenya by Pamoja International
2 - 8 weeks

Community Human Rights

Volunteer to do tasks like lobbying, researching, provision of legal aid and justice distribution.

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Kisumu, Kenya by Pamoja International
2 - 8 weeks

Health Service Medical Care

Provision of quality health care services, open for Pre medical and elective students.

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Kisumu, Kenya by Pamoja International
4 - 26 weeks

Community Childcare

Take care of children and give them a perspective through education.

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Project Details

Pamoja International Voluntary Services (PIVS) is a non-profit, Non Governmental Organization (N.G.O.) without any political or religious or sectarian affiliation.

PIVS co-ordinates, plans and organizes international work camps, internships and medium term volunteer programs in collaboration with community groups or institutions who are in need of voluntary services to empower the community, self-help initiatives and promoting intercultural exchange.

PIVS is set in an African traditional way of life thus focusing on its vision to improve the people’s way of life by working with them from grass root levels. PIVS was founded in 2001 and registered in 2002 at the office of the vice president and ministry of gender, sports, culture and social services as a community based organization and in 2007 PIVS was elevated and registered as a Non Governmental Organization.

It is committed to especially set-up and co-ordinate Work camps in various part of Kenya, especially marginalized areas, which plays a pivotal role in co-ordinating voluntary work, strengthening sustainable initiatives by taking part as volunteers, promoting intercultural exchange.

Pamoja is a “Kiswahili” word, which means "together" or "unity".

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Limkin Kinani
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

To promote inter-cultural exchange and volunteerism by offering people an opportunity to give back their resources by taking part in or getting involved in positive activities that promote personal/society/community development and sustainability.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals