Peru Peru Volunteering

We are participating in several projects to improve the social and ecological education for school children around Huancayo.

About the Project

Peru peru is a volunteering project founded by the sociologist Rosa Lazo. Our programs are dedicated to children of this region, giving them the opportunity to be better educated in social and ecological issues.
Volunteering is possible as a tutor, teacher`s assistant, trainer, zoo assistant, in many academical and non academical fields of work at an educational social project in Huancayo.
The volunteer will share activities from Monday to Friday for about 3 hours each day with between 5 and 15 children, aged from 3 to 16 years old.
We provide accommodation including a bedroom, breakfast, lunch with a hot meal and a tea for dinner from Monday to Friday at our family home which is located near supermarkets, markets, banks and touristic attractions. We are situated near many bus routes and we are only a 15 minute bus ride away from the city center. At the house we have warm water, Wi-Fi, a laundry, touristic advice, access to a kitchen and living room.
During your stay you can share several activities in our local institutions enjoying an intercultural experience. You will be provided with permanent assistance during your stay and settled into life here.

Social Impact

Give children from the poorest areas of this region the possibility to get a good level of education, self esteem, attention and love , which are useful tools to become a success human being.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Veronica Ruth Angela Gomez Lazo
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Volunteer at the zoo Accomodation Volunteer helping with curing the animals El machetero El bebe puma Los almunos La escuela La casa El pueblo La selva our house dinning rooomliv sala your bedrooms Basketball team habitacion de voluntarios your bedrooms Basketball team 1 los_caballos_del_doctor_ascuña Accommodation Horse house Horse 2 Afternoon drawing Eucalyptus trees Room plants House Planting work Room archaeological work surrounding ruins surroundings House