Petrichor Farms

Our current project is a cob structure installation to house a library and activity center for the community.

About the Project

We are a Farm community, Kitchen, Studio and Artist Residency ideal for people looking to experience a typical village life amidst nature and peaceful surroundings. We work in harmony with other small farmers of the region to build a healthy alternative where we strive to live sustainably and responsibly with each other.

Ecological sustainability is the primary focus of our long term vision and as our village grows, we want to see this ideal take shape. Diversity is an important element for us and our village consists of individuals, families and an income sharing community.

Most materials used to build the project premises are natural yields from the surrounding areas like bamboo, stone, mud, thatch, straw etc or are reclaimed, upcycled, reused from things which would otherwise have been made into landfill, hence polluting the environment.

Social Impact

Our vision is to foster growth in our community and our environment through education and sustainable regenerative systems vis a vis farming and *other creative practices like art and architecture. Our farming design system also stems from the regenerative principles of Permaculture and the patterns of nature.

Our project will help pave the way for villagers, visitors, students and community to learn to live harmoniously, consciously and responsibly with the environment.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Sweta Pradhan
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
building traditional bamboo and earth homes Artist Earth Home living quarters farm premises wood-fired veg pies happy with their paint job our millet harvest meal break Volunteering on the land the writing on the wall quiet moments our tiny volunteers twilight by the dip pool volunteers helping us build our mud house Veggies at the farm stand farm premises Farm Pool Side volunteers building new things from old tending the tomatoes Farm Artist Studio kitchen wall art Volunteer accommodation option 1 our mantra making new things with old tyres our studio inspiring words written at petrichor Volunteers take a break by the poolside volunteers beading bamboo bookmarks the kind of things we make our tree button souvenir fridge magnets our crafty tree making bamboo handicraft that thing we do