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After School Teacher Play and Learn Foundation

Play and Learn Foundation

After School Teacher
Accra, Ghana Play and Learn Foundation -Logo by Play and Learn Foundation
Free of charge
4 - 19 weeks
The organization is based in Ghana and provides help and guidance for underprivileged children in Ghana by providing educational opportunities through play.

Project Details

Play and Learn seeks to bring together boys and girls who either have the passion and love to play or pursue academic excellence but are deprived of that opportunity.

The Play and Learn Foundation addresses the poverty of particular communities
(for now, the Okponglo community) via the passion of its children for the most popular and accessible sport in Ghana: football. Mr. Ohene knew a need existed when he kept seeing the same boys from the community come to the University of Ghana football pitch just to watch practices and games, with no real activity of their own in which to participate.
The lack of coordinated social time, extra-educational help, and well connected mentors is a need Play and Learn works to meet.

Vision Statement
To be a model Foundation that administers leadership and development through education and sports in a fun environment in Africa.

Mission Statement
Be one of the world’s leading Foundations that provides leadership and development through education and sports in a fun environment for kids that can't afford a quality education and, or enjoy playing sports
This will be achieved through well designed strategies and structures that engages the local and international communities to help the kids develop into leaders in their various communities.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Nana Kwasi Ohene
Nana Kwasi Ohene
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

The communities to be targeted by the Foundation will have two things in common: (1) economic disadvantage and its resulting vulnerability, and (2) its children’s passion for football. It is important to note that we will make special, concerted efforts to include girls equally (equal participation does not exist now at all). This means making clear statements that ALL children are welcome and offering a stipend to families who feel they cannot afford to lose the free labor of their girls.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals