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Genesis serves over 150 children aged 3-15, providing them with educational support and health services in a forgotten rural community outside Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

In July of 2012 Ricardo visited the town of San Andres Itzapa, a rural community about an hour outside of Antigua, with his wife who had inherited a small property there. Arriving with the intention of a short visit, Ricardo left with a strong desire to help this community. He saw groups of children playing in the street instead of receiving an education, and he recognized the long term effect this had on their families stuck in the cycle of poverty. He began visiting the community on weekends, taking his baby daughter with him so that he could teach her the importance of helping others.

Ricardo gathered the children of the community together in an open field to teach them basic math and writing, play games, and build community. When Ricardo's employer heard about what he was doing on the weekends, they told him he had to stop because the poor would bring bad luck to the company. Rather than quit what he was doing with the children, Ricardo quit his job and began coming to work with the kids every day. He has been running Project Genesis daily for almost 5 years, with no salary or stipend, while working tirelessly to feed his family at the same time.

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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Hakim Noah
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Social Impact

Project Genesis provides 50-150 children with at least one nutritious meal every day. It also provides vitamin supplements and regularly organizes the distribution of vegetables to the local community.
Many of the kids can't get an education either because their family cannot afford the supplies, or because of the danger of rape or assault along the 5-mile walk to the nearest school. This means that Project Genesis is their sole source of education.

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