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The Refugio de los sueños offers integral support during childhood and adolescence for children and adolescents whose rights are being violated.

We work in three main areas:

Education: With our educational work we want to respect natural development processes. Loving care and acceptance are the bases of our work. We offer scholarships for school and university and keep track of the children's school situation and progress, supporting them where necessary. Our day center has several artisanal workshops where the kids can try out and explore different handicrafts. Teamwork and mutual respect as well as compliance with certain rules are part of everyday life.

Health: Medical campaigns, lab exams, free treatments and health check-ups as well as help in emergencies, dental care, and therapies are part of the health services we offer.

Social Work: Follow up on family situations, family interviews, prevention work for a good treatment of children and adolescents and their families.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Astrid Schneider
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Social Impact

Approximately 170 children use the facility. All of these children are enrolled in school full time through a scholarship program. We have 11 former Refugio children who have received University degrees or completed higher level education. All have come back to the Refugio to help in some way. One of these young adults who graduated from a university now works full time at the Refugio. All of these young adults grew up in the streets and were given a future by their experience at the Refugio.

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