Ridge to Reef Expeditions

Join our team in Belize and take part in tropical conservation and research programs from 'ridge to reef', protecting ecosystems from forest ridges to coral reefs.

About the Project

The Maya Mountain Marine Corridor in southern Belize is home to over 48 endangered species, and communities that depend on natural resources for the livelihoods. This important landscape faces pressures such as poaching, land degradation and climate change, posing a threat to the ecosystems and life they support.

The Toledo Institute for Development and Environment (TIDE) was established in 1997 to help protect these resources, and now manages over 160,000 acres of land and sea.

TIDE is working with communities to promote sustainable use and management of the area's rich resources, from the highest forest ridges to the coral reefs of the ocean floor, and does this through four key program areas:

1. Research and Monitoring
2. Resource Protection
3. Education and Outreach
4. Community Development

Our pioneering initiatives bring people and nature together. Our community and education programs are winning international awards and being replicated as models of sustainable development elsewhere in the Caribbean, and our marine research is used by the Department of Fisheries to determine fishery policy.

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Social Impact

Since TIDE's establishment in 1997 we have gained co-management authority of over 160,000 acres of land and sea scape, and manage these areas for the benefit of all.

From sustainably managing local fisheries and endangered species recovery programs, to local education programs and creating alternate livelihood solutions, our work benefits all in the region.

We have won international awards for our community training programs and youth empowerment programs.

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