The Rural Development Centre Association (RUDEC) is a Cameroonian Not-for-Profit Organization based in the small community of Belo

About the Project

Rural Development Centre in Cameroon (RUDEC) founded in 2006 by Joshua Chiamba aims to combat poverty and inequality in rural area through sustainable projects, professional volunteers and generous donors. Its head office is located in Belo, a rural town in North West part of Cameroon. RUDEC hopes to one day see a community where all members of it have access to basic education and tools to empower their lives to their fullest potential. RUDEC is currently seeking for volunteer consultants

Teach in rural communities Community Health Volunteer Consultant Child Sponsorship Manager Volunteer
Social Impact

Projects that RUDEC has developed successfully and is still operational includes:
1. Orphan Project where 57 children are enrolled
2. Microcredit program where 18 female members have benefited from
3. Community development project where a classroom and a water system was constructed
4. Pig Farm used to generate sustainable income.
RUDEC is currently in need of volunteer consultants to assist with the development of two new projects: Apiculture (Bee Farming) and Ecotourism

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
RUDEC offers volunteer opportunities in
The main focus of RUDEC is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Joshua Chiamba
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