Step Up Uganda

Through soccer, to empower the HIV+ orphans live good health, use their talents and value their existence on earth.

About the Project

Our soccer project seeks to empower and sustain these kids use all their time purposely, boost their health through fitness training.
many young orphans have died early to HIV/AIDS , others hanged themselves because of fear to live with HIV.
lets want to restore their hope

Soccer Trainers
Social Impact

Having volunteers on the ground enables our programs to move at a fast pace while incurring low costs and hence yielding more impact.
Also, volunteers are more required as they bring more ideas and skills which we use to run projects very well.
Each volunteer in our program is a blessing. they promote creativity and hence foster project development.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
Step Up Uganda offers volunteer opportunities in
The main focus of Step Up Uganda is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Tonny Kabuye
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