Sumatra Rainforest Institute

Sumatra Rainforest Institute (SRI) is a Indonesian grass-roots organisation which focuses on the conservation of the Sumatran rainforest.

About the Project

Sumatra Rainforest Institute (SRI) is a grass-roots NGO that focuses on wildlife & rainforest conservation. One of SRI's programs is the Community Agroforestry Development Unit. This unit focuses on community development through agroforestry initiatives involving farmers who live around Batang Gadis National Park. It's projects provide the farmers with eco-friendly agriculture extension programs, conservation education and sustainable economic development solutions in North Sumatra.
In conjunction with typical agroforestry outcomes, the Community Development Unit also aims to:

- Improve rainforest conservation awareness among local communities
- Enhance the protection of wildlife and rainforest through reforestation projects and plant species enrichment plantings
- Decrease human-wildlife conflicts around important key biodiversity landscapes
- Improve management of rainforest and wildlife protection with real actions and participation of multi-stakeholders in and around Batang Gadis National Park
- Provide alternative income for small-scale farmers in order to decrease the unsustainable use of forest resources and illegal wildlife poaching

Social Impact

- Allowing the inclusion of local communities in buffer zone management which is vital for conserving biodiversity in the National Park.
- Increasing the local economy and provide more sustainable income generation for local communities,
- Enabling local communities to be involved in interntional trade of high quality coffee
- Engaging local farmers in reforestation/ species enrichment projects will contribute to wildlife & rainforest conservation in the region

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Rasyid Assaf Dongoran "Rado"
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Beautiful villages in the area Baby gibbon enclosure Rescued crocodile Evening view from accommodation, Panyabungan An injured tortoise - treated and released Rescued crocodile SRI staff training Baby gibbon "Kuning" an endangered agile gibbon at the PTS Day trip - picnis beside one of the many creeks Day trip - the many gorgeous rivers in the area Wildlife Defenders (SRI motto) Operation on a tigress rescued from a snare Rooftop chillout space at accommodation Rainforest day trip Baby Pangolin orphan Senja - one of the 13 rescued illegal pet gibbon Injured hawk rescued in a local village Team meeting Day trip! Coffee plantation and day hut Community setting up coffee nursery Building a coffee nursery roof Coffee plantation A village coffee roasting machine Picnic on the river Panyabungan sunset Coffee seedlings Pruned coffee Rice paddies in the local area Chilling in a forest coffee planation A jungle trek