Teach and connect with Busua community Teach and connect with Busua community Busua, Ghana Teach on the Beach
We are ensuring that children have access to education and scholarships. Volunteer or partner to impact lives!
Building a new safe place for our community Busua, Ghana Teach on the Beach
We're going to build a new house. A house of dreams, a place that is safe and challenges to learn.

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The organization provides education, love and basic necessities of life, food, clothing and shelter to those students that are in need in the village of Busua.

Teach on Beach is currently 100% non-profit volunteer organization in Ghana, Africa. The organization provides education, love and basic necessities of life, food, clothing and shelter to those students that are in need. TOB international is a team of like-minded individuals with a common goal of equal education for all. We believe in empowering and inspiring youth in developing countries through education and cultural exchange.


Teach on the Beach has worked with over 500 volunteers from around the world who are interested in working hard to make an impact in the lives of our students.  Volunteers will focus on teaching in only the After-School classes and the News Hour program. Volunteering at our local or private school in the community but this is also an option. Volunteer’s serve as a tool for social change in the fields of education, creative arts, music, dance and technology. We have managed volunteers from around the world and we will help you get the best service and support from our team members. We will help you connect with our students personally and make your experience in Ghana something you will never forget. We will help you every step of the way! “Live, love, experience, teach Ghana!”

Who we are?

In 2004 Aaron Adler and Alison Hannon met during a study abroad in Ghana. They shared a taste for adventure and need to get off campus and experience the West African country firsthand and meet its people, but their program didn’t offer them any opportunities to get off the beaten path.

Just before they met, Alison had been invited by an organization called Madanfopa, ‘my good friend’ in Twi, to teach in a tiny little after school classroom. She braved a trek into the unknown slum of Madina, down dirt roads lined with shacks and trash, to find a group of children that had a real thirst for learning. She offered to bring Aaron with her, there were so many children and no one to teach them. Aaron accepted the chance to venture into the real Africa.

Aaron and Ali bonded with a group of children from Madina and continued to teach them during their study abroad. While their study abroad would end, the two decided to return to Ghana, coordinating it so one of them, or someone else they had recruited to help teach, would be around to continue working with the children from Madina.

In 2007 Aaron found a charitable organization to fund and expand their work. With the invaluable help of Mike Wagner, Aaron managed the construction of an orphanage/community center and a school north of Kumasi, Ghana’s second city. Aaron and Ali invited the students they taught in Madina to join them in Kumasi and for two years they all worked as a team to teach many more children. After school programs with junior high schoolers teaching primary students and our very successful NewsHour program were started during these two years.

Unfortunately, after two years with this organization’s funding, it was inexplicable torn away from Aaron, Ali, Mike and the over 20 students to whom they extended scholarships and nurtured 24/7 like parents. Aankit Patel had joined the group as a volunteer as this happened. Together the team moved into Habitat for Humanity houses and continued running teaching programs in partnership with the local school, funding the student scholarships and other operations out of their own pockets.

However due to the Ebola outbreak in 2014, the organization suffered a major setback in running and sustaining itself. A lot of challenges were faced by the organization both internally and externally.  The team and trained scholars have never given up their hope or vision of the organization. Their love for their people continues to grow and so does the reputation of Teach on the Beach! We are proud to say it is one of the top 10 places to volunteer in Ghana!

What we do?

It is important that we have an impact on different layers within the community. For that reason we focus on the future: the children. We ensure that children have access to education and resources to continue their school career. In addition, we take care of the children in our building by supporting them in basic needs such as love, food and drinks. A successful school career requires support on different levels. For example te children can do their homework with us and we try to give them the facilities and possibilities to do it succesfully. We also provide scholarships. 

Where we work? 

Busua (Ghana) is a beach resort and fishing village in the Ahanta West District of the Western Region in Ghana, about 30 kilometers west of the regional capital, Sekondi-Takoradi in the Gulf of Guinea. Busua is classified in the category of towns with more than 5,000 inhabitants, with a paved road from Sekondi to reach the town. The inhabitants speak the Akan language dialect Ahanta Busua fishing village is known for blue marlin and tuna fishery.

Ghana is currently a very safe, stable country with relatively low crime levels compared to other West African countries. The risk of Malaria is high throughout the whole of Ghana. Because of the very high risk of malaria in Ghana antimalarials are advised.


Our mission/vision:

Like Nelson Mandela once said:“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We believe this is what we have to do to make a change and impact lives.

Our goals:

Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) is our education goal. It aims to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

Who are we looking for?

we are looking for you if you:


- are enthusiastic

- be patient and decisive

- have an affinity with education

- are convinced that you can make an impact

- you dare to take responsibility

- you like to live on one of the most beautiful beaches in Ghana and join the community


Why choose us?

We know that there are many different organizations in (West) Africa that are committed to education. What distinguishes us from the rest is that we focus on solidarity with the entire community. In addition, all children come of their own free will, they want to be part of the ‘Teach on the Beach-family’ and are motivated to work on their future. We want to offer a good balance between learning and relaxation. For that reason we do not only focus on studying, but also on leisure activities such as yoga & sports and games. If you can reinforce this with us, we would like to welcome you to our team.

Volunteers can expect quality assistance and help from directors and staff, ensuring safety, help them to have a great experience not only the classroom but also the community and Ghana at large. We are interested in use of multiple talents to inspire and organize fund raise in support of teaching and learning.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
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Mirjam te Boekhorst
Mirjam te Boekhorst
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Social Impact

Social impact we make together with community:

- Number of enrolment has increased 

- Kids performances has improved 

Our awarded scholarships help parents who can’t afford to further their child's education into the primary and secondary levels. There is high level of poverty in the community and in order to support vulnerable families, we have supported 7 students whereby three have successfully completed senior high school and 4 are still in primary school and yet to complete Junior High School.  We provide the students with school supplies so that the students are prepared and ready to learn with the required materials needed. We believe we are also contributing to educating and improving the overall level of literacy in the community.

Our enrollment increases every year and we are now reaching a younger demographic, which helps to develop learning skills at an early age.  We have helped reduce child labor in the community and this encourages more females to participate in our programs. We have experienced an increasing number of girls participating in our programs. This promotes the right and freedom of education, equally for both boys and girls.

Most importantly, Teach on the Beach provides a sense of belonging and security in which families feel proud to be part of this organization.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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