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TECHO strives to improve the living conditions of Chileans and immigrants, living in camps around the city, by mediation, education and construction projects.

The NGO’s goal is to improve the living conditions and perspectives for the future of these families by building a proper infrastructure, mediating between the different cultures and educating the people of these camps. Over 127 TECHO volunteers permanently work in these camps, for example addressing the infrastructural problems by building solid houses and installing electricity and water. More than 80 adults and 59 children are participating in education programs provided by the volunteers.

They work in close cooperation with the elected directors of the camps. Collectively, they organize monthly meetings with all the inhabitants to discuss the most urgent needs that have to be addressed. The NGO then finds the funds, volunteers and experts required to put concrete projects and processes into place. In Villa Constancia, TECHO is additionally fulfulling an important role to act as mediator between the Chileans and all the other nationalities living in this camp. Together they have constructed 20 houses and installed electricity and water in all of them. They also collaborate to organise weekly educational workshops for the camp’s children and adults.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Milko Zenteno
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Social Impact

Their main activities include:
- Acting as a mediator between the different nationalities.
- Improving the living and hygienic conditions in the camps.
- Educational workshops for adults and children.

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