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Wildlife Conservation & Education Assistant
The VIKTORY Project

The VIKTORY Project

Wildlife Conservation & Education Assistant Kariba, Zimbabwe The VIKTORY Project NGO | The VIKTORY Project
Anti-poaching, monitoring and collection of data for all endemic flora and fauna. Educating primary school children and the youth about conservation & the environment.

Project Details

Volunteers in Kariba Targetting Orphanages, Rehabilitation of wildlife and Youth education to preserve the Lake Kariba National Park.

Two women friends, Louisa and Barbara, (Louisa owns Warthogs Bush Camp, your base during your sojourn with us), who have lived and worked in Kariba for a large portion of their lives, have decided that this magnificent, unspoiled wildlife haven and its surrounding community desperately need help (particularly in view of the currently crumbling economy in Zimbabwe and much of Southern Africa) and we feel something has to be done before it is too late. So, this is driven by a passion, not only for Kariba, although that is our sole focus, but for this planet's salvation - we all know how much pressure is being put on fauna and flora by an ever expanding human population and we need to save the unspoiled wilderness areas that are left.

The VIKTORY Project (as we call it, standing for Volunteers in Kariba Targetting Orphanages, Rehabilitation of wildlife and Youth education) is brand new and has yet to get off the ground as we had a lot of bureacratic red tape to get through before we could launch it. We are now hoping that, with your help, we will be able to turn Kariba around, so we hope you will consider us! You won't be sorry, it's a beautiful part of the world and we promise to look after you in your home from home, Warthogs Bush Camp, where you will be based during your stay, right on the shoreline of Lake Kariba.

The iconic Lake Kariba is over 223kms long and over 40kms wide, with a maximum depth of 97m. It is a reservoir for hydroelectric power supplied to both Zambia and Zimbabwe and is the world's largest man-made reservoir. The dam wall was built between 1955 & 1959, and the lake was filled (from the dammed magnificent Zambezi River) from 1958 through 1963.

Our mission is to preserve the endemic species, of which there are many, (including elephant, buffalo, lion, hyena, bushbuck etc.) as Lake Kariba is a National Park, particularly focusing on the resident elephants, who are under enormous stress all over Africa, and Kariba is certainly no exception, particularly as they live in such close proximity to humans. We believe that, in order to do this, education is paramount for the local people so, intertwined with the work being done in the wilds, a large focus is also on primary school children, orphanages and youth education to ensure they understand the importance of conservation of the environment.

Our vision and our goal is to have a Kariba where all lives are respected, both animal and human, and to ensure that both can live alongside each other without conflict and that the animals can wander freely without the fear of humans, their snares, their traps and the like, which is currently rife in the area due to the extreme poverty in this country. And that the humans can live amicably, respecting the wildlife's right to life, but ensuring that their food sources are sustained without damage from the wildlife. We foresee The VIKTORY Project creating much needed employment through various programmes which we are developing as the Project evolves. 

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Barbara David-Andersen
Barbara David-Andersen
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

As mentioned above, we are here to assist in the upliftment of the most needy within our Kariba society, of which there are many, particularly in view of the crumbling economy and cash shortages in Zimbabwe currently.

Through our education (mainly focused on conservation, the environment and wildlife) and working with the young children, orphanages and the youth, we are hoping to build a better, more sustainable environment for the future leaders of tomorrow.

We also foresee, in terms of assistance with a healthy population, teaching organic vegetable growing habits to both adults and children as well as creating a community herb garden growing numerous "alternative health" herbs to assist in improving the immune systems of the community and consequently creating a healthy populace through nutrition advice, etc.

There will also be construction, painting, repairs and maintenance work to be done on school buildings, clinics, etc.

Wildlife has caused damage, in the past, to crops that families are growing so we foresee, in the longer term, building hydroponic or tunnel type growing areas to prevent wildlife/human conflict as well as to teach the local populace about the use of chilli powder and bee hives to keep elephants away from the human habitation areas.  Our hope is that this will also provide an income through the harvesting of chillis and honey to be sold on to retail outlets, thereby creating employment and income.

Added to this, we will commence a recycling project within the community whereby people can get paid for the collection of glass, tins, plastic and the like.

Eventually, we hope to train some of the young folk to become game guides and conservation warriors, thereby creating some more employment opportunities.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
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