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The Wildest Trail is an unconventional blog about travelling the world and working with the most amazing creatures. VetZ at Wild is its first wildlife veterinary project.

About the Project

The wildlife veterinary program - VetZ at Wild - is a based at a wildcat rehabilitation farm. The farm was founded many years ago by Lizette, and has been run very passionately by her since then. It started very small with just two caracal babies, whose mother had been killed by poachers. Gradually over the years people heard about Lizette's devotion to nursing and rehabilitating wild animals back to health that had been injured or abandoned. On this day the farm hosts a mighty pride of lions, cheetahs, servals, caracals and many more, even some of the more rarer specimens like the civet and bat-eared fox. VetZ at Wild also provides for the dogs of the poor communities in the townships who are often neglected, or sometimes abused. Realising that South Africa has so much to offer to so many people across the world, Lizette decided she wanted to design a veterinary program for students to learn from the best vets in the country. Not from the books, but out there first hand in the bush. Lizette's mission is to provide students with a tailor-made African experience of a life time with a student-first mentality.

Wildlife Veterinary Training
Social Impact

Wildlife numbers have been declining rapidly over the past few decades. This is especially the case for rhinos, lions, elephants and many other African icons. This is why a healthy gene pool has become a major factor for the long term survival of the species. Most animals on the rehab facility can’t go back into the wild, because they have been injured or never learned how to survive in the wilderness. Keeping their genes available for new offspring makes a huge difference for species survival!

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