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The Wildest Trail is an unconventional blog about travelling the world and working with the most amazing creatures. Wonderful wildlife veterinary projects await you!

The mission

The Wildest Trail's mission is to provide students with an African experience of a life time, while working with the most iconic animals on the planet, such as the lion, elephant and penguin.


I wanted to inspire other people to set out of the door on their own biggest adventure of their lives. I do this with super high value projects, especially designed by myself for this purpose. Come and check them out! 


The Wildest Trail was founded on a train in Lisbon, when I realised that it was the personification of me. I never really wanted to settle down just yet and do a job I’d be doing 30 years from now as well. I wanted to see the world and work with the most amazing creatures.

The Wildest Trail, as a life style, took me from the searing Namibian desert, to the soggy jungles of Thailand to the evergreen wilderness of Sweden. It has been so kind to me. And I know it can be the same for YOU!

I am a Belgian veterinarian, graduated Uni in June 2015. I embarked immediately on the biggest journey of my life, and I haven't stopped exploring ever since. It has been a great experience so far, one with many ups and downs, but oh so rewarding. I would do it a thousand times over.

Will you join me?

With love, Jonas Spruyt

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