Project Details

We've converted our village home into a homestay for travelers. We use revenue from this to fund an English education project for children in our surrounding area.

Who we are

I am Trung, a 22 year old Tay minority Vietnamese who is living with my grandparents in our traditional home which we have converted into a homestay.  Some of my Vietnamese friends are also staying in our home now to help with the business and learn how to make their own homestays in the future.

What we do

We created Tho Homestay so that travelers in the Ha Giang province can find a sanctuary and a place to really connect with our culture and have an authentic experience. In addition to earning money from charging room and board, we also offer walking and motorbike tours to guests. We are saving funds from the homestay to support an education project in my village and neighboring ones. 

Where we work

We live and work in the western Ha Giang province in northern Vietnam. We are located two hours from Ha Giang town (the biggest town in the province) by motorbike and roughly seven hours from Hanoi by buses. Tho Homestay is in Na Rang, a peaceful village. There are stores within 1 km where you can buy bottled water, snacks, and basic toiletries. 

Our history

I started this homestay because I wanted to apply my knowledge of English and experience working as a tour guide in a unique business where my family can share our culture with travelers. Learning English at a non-profit is how I gained the confidence and knowledge to create this social project, and I want to help the poor children of my province to see the benefits and possible opportunities of learning English as well. 

Our mission/vision

Our mission is to preserve our minority culture by tapping into the tourism industry while at the same time providing support to rural children through conversational English practice. Many youth are leaving my province in search of better opportunities, and I want to show them that it's possible to generate new jobs and support ourselves by interacting with the global community.

Our goals

Our first goal is to have fun while creating an interesting, authentic homestay experience for visitors to Ha Giang. Our second goal is to pay it forward by using our homestay earnings to produce a sustainable English education program for rural village youth.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for passionate, thoughtful people who enjoy sharing their expertise or interest in design, advertising, business, and education and enjoy working with non-profits and start-ups.

The main focus of the project is on
Contact Person
Trung Hoang Duc
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

We are just getting started (we started the business this year and had our first homestay guests in the middle of February, 2017). We have been creating a buzz on social media and doing our best to get the word out about our homestay and education program. 

We have reached out to local schools, and they are receptive to working with us on developing supplemental English classes. Our province is thirsting for high-quality, socially-aware businesses, and we are here to deliver that. 

Tho Homestay is serving the immediate community and providing inspiration to our neighbors. As ethnic minorities in villages, we CAN support ourselves in this modern age, and we CAN provide a quality, meaningful education to the rural children.

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