Trust Future Uganda

TFU offers education for both children and adults education, empowerment and community health support in conjunction with partner organizations.

About the Project

Trust Future Uganda (TFU) is a registered Non Governmental Organization which aims at offering a brighter future to orphans and vulnerable children(OVCs), Youth and marginalized women in Wakiso District.
The overall goal of the Organization is to enable needy children, youth and marginalized women and their family households to improve their quality of life by reducing poverty, diseases and ignorance so as to achieve sustainable development.
We work in three sectors namely Education, Health and Empowerment.
Through our primary school, we educates children from 4-14 years and the school and the school now counts 183 children of whom 83 are the most vulnerable. Since its formation we have educated over 2500 children.
Beside that we have started an Adult Literacy Program to those who didn't receive or complete their primary education with language courses like English and Luganda plus business mathematics. We also train them vocational life skills for sustainable development.
With partnerships with other organizations,we have carried our free HIV tests and counseling, psychological support and condom distribution because health is a major aspect for development.

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Social Impact

Trust Future Uganda believes that by educating children, youth and the women will help in development efforts of their communities through being active players. The aim of this program is to bring about a transformed, educated and self reliant community with less poverty and no illiteracy even among the less privileged in society. This will automatically break the poverty cycle and help these children/youth/women to build a more stable future.

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Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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