Un poco del Chocó

Un poco del Chocó is a private nature reserve and biological station in the Northwest of Ecuador which combines conservation, education and research.

About the Project

The private conservation project was founded in 2009 by a German Biologist and her Ecuadorian husband.
While the 15 hectares nature reserve contributes to the conservation of the endangered Chocó-habitat, the biological station promotes education and research.
Volunteers can help with the work in the nature reserve and thereby contribute to conservation. Furthermore the biological station also offers biological internships, courses and research traineeships.

Social Impact

A major aim of Un poco del Chocó is the conservation of the remaining rainforest around the reserve. Therefore we work in environmental education, participate in local conservation workshops and support sustainable land-use. Furthermore we work together with other local conservation initiatives and Ecuadorian NGOs.

We organize environmental education workshops for local kids, work on reforestation projects with our neighbors, and plan conservation events with other NGOs.

Foundation Year
Contact Person
Nicole Buettner
Where can you volunteer?
What can you do?
Bird Monitoring Conservation in action Intern accommodation Accommodation Environmental Education Workshop Camera traps Bird banding The Station House River Pachijal Working on signs for trails Accommodation Volunteer helping with carpentry Cooking together Group photo

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