The organization works to setup sustainable projects to protect the environment, provide basic education for vulnerable groups, and encourage community development.

About the Project

Who we are

Volunteerism for Community Development & Environment Education (V4D) is a non-government, non-profit organization in Vietnam with a mission to build global community events through local environmental and community services.

As the first local Non-Government volunteer organization in Vietnam with official status to have volunteer programs, V4D provides opportunities that make a difference to the lives of people from all parts of the world. The organization also works to setup sustainable projects to protect the environment, provide career skills education services for vulnerable groups, encourage community development and cultural exchange.

V4D is managed by the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) with the support of Youth in Action Program of European Commission in capacity building, and CCIVS (Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) in the volunteer management.


"The world is flat, all people from around the world can join hands to make a difference."


Building a global community through local community development.
Making the dreams of disadvantaged people come true.


We at V4D value the time given by both our international and local volunteers to help overcome disadvantage.
We are committed to provide professional programs that display compassion and humility.
We strive to rid communities of exploitation of its disadvantaged members.

What we do

The programs we offer can be undertaken on either a short or long term basis and focus on traditional education, environment education and community development. There are numerous projects for volunteers at V4D both in urban and rural areas. We also have tailor-made internship programs to suit the volunteer’s interests and skills.

English Teacher for Hill Tribe Children
Social Impact

With a deep belief that education is fundamental to human progress, enabling individuals and communities to acquire skills and knowledge, essential for improving their quality of life. But for disadvantaged youth their access to education is limited.
We are carrying out this program to give them opportunities to see the bigger picture of life, to realize their own potential, and to help them address the increasing global social, economic and environmental challenges we face.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
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NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Trinh Quang Son
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