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Rehabilitation of Street Children VACK jitolee Africa

VACK jitolee Africa

Mumias, Kenya by VACK jitolee Africa
6 - 30 weeks

Community Social Work

Volunteers needed who will assist in the rehabilitation of street kids and offer social development services to them.

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Mombasa, Kenya by VACK jitolee Africa
4 - 24 weeks

Community Orphanages

Orphaned and abandoned children need care and love from us so as they can be able to grow up into mature and responsible people.

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Luanda, Western Kenya, Kenya by VACK jitolee Africa
5 - 30 weeks

Environment Farming

Volunteers needed to assist in the process of empowerment of a community group through teaching of modern agricultural skills

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Nairobi, Kenya by VACK jitolee Africa
4 - 25 weeks

Environment Sustainability

Community development has gained importance in Kenyan society by enhancing the involvement of community members in sustainable agricultural practices.

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Nairobi, Kenya by VACK jitolee Africa
8 - 24 weeks

Education Children and Youth

Volunteers needed to assist in the academic development of children within community schools in Kenya

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Nairobi, Kenya by VACK jitolee Africa
4 - 24 weeks

Education Special Needs

Building the ability of children with mental disability to become self reliant through skills based training.

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Nairobi, Kenya by VACK jitolee Africa
4 - 24 weeks

Community Childcare

The youth empowerment project is aimed at stimulating the involvement of young people in the development process of community structures.

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4 Project reviews of VACK jitolee Africa

Project Details

VACK provides services promoting development, youth mobility and information exchange among Kenyans and within the international community.

Volunteer Action for Change Kenya (VACK) was founded in April 2013 to offer equal opportunities to the youth and women to be actively involved in the development process through volunteerism. Since its inception VACK has continuously given opportunities to both skilled and unskilled volunteers to contribute to service delivery in community projects within Kenya.
Volunteer Action for Change Kenya is a voluntary service organization. Our aim is to bring people from different cultures to work together towards a common goal. In turn this helps break down cultural stereotypes and lead to greater international understanding and peace. We do this by volunteer programme which works on offering services to community projects across Kenya where both local and international volunteers are actively involved on a global stage.
Volunteer Action for Change Kenya is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that provides services using the voluntarism approach that enhances the development process and service delivery of community development initiatives. Our main purpose is to promote peace, understanding, justice, development, and information exchange among Kenyans and within the international community.

VACK wants to build a society in which the dignity of every person is safeguarded and promoted, in which each individual person may enjoy fundamental liberties, have access to resources and services, have the possibility to live in a healthy environment and improve the quality of life in all aspects; a global society in which every single individual and all communities have the right of self-determination consistent with the cultural rights of other peoples and every man and woman on earth. This is realized by giving a change to the youths, women and community members a chance to be actively involved in the development process in the event realizing self-development through service delivery.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Fanuel Ayumba
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

Volunteer Action for Change Kenya has carried out many projects in Kenya with main focus on building the capacities of community towards the implementation of sustainable projects that addresses the challenges of the specific communities, at the same time engaging the youth in exchange programs which are multicultural in nature where they are able to share ideas and experiences being able to develop initiatives that assist the socioeconomic viability.VACK Jitolee Afrika seeks to promote sustainable community development through:

  • Voluntary Services: We offer both short and Long term voluntary placement opportunities for both skilled and non-skilled volunteers within Kenya to different community groups
  • Capacity Building: VACK has a team of individuals with vast experience in training individuals, community groups, organizations and institutions on management skills, organizational development, leadership skills, and community development
  • Enterprise Development: The team is actively involved in offering trainings to individuals and community groups focusing on business development, micro-finance and Social entrepreneurship skills development.
  • Thematic approach: Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability; Promotion of peaceful co-existence among different communities; Women aid & empowerment; Teaching and Education development in local community schools; Community and social development activities to support community initiatives; HIV and AIDS awareness programmes; Communication and fundraising to develop community structures
  • Youth Mobility and Exchange: We give young people from across the world an opportunity to serve in different community projects that enable them to utilize their skills, gain experience and contribute towards sustainable community development initiatives’ thus being able to gain the confidence and recognition of policy makes as active contributor to community development.
  • Non-formal education: The learning activities within this initiative are created to attend to the young people’s needs, aspirations and interests, on a voluntary basis and learner-centered. The methods used in NFE are very diverse and are mainly based on creating healthy environments of trust and sharing experiences. This education takes place in a diverse range of environments and address specific target groups and subjects, facilitating the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals