Vina Volunteer Service

Vina Volunteer Service offers a variety of volunteer placements for volunteers in Vietnam, in the hope to support community development and nature conservations.

About the Project

With our experiences and long-lasting relationships with partners at the projects site all over Vietnam, Vina Volunteer Service would like to offer more opportunities for both international volunteers and local organizations to achieve their goals. We also have staff working all over Vietnam at the project site from the North to the South.

Through Vina Volunteer Service volunteer placements at the project sites, where they share a day in the life experience of local people while working in their particular community, side by side, the volunteer will be rewarded with learning quite a bit about themselves and their role on this planet. Most leave with their life’s compass pointing clear and strong to a new direction in their lives.

Furthermore, as a reliable organization in Vietnam for volunteers from all over the world, Vina Volunteer Service focus on offering participants best of the best, who come to Vietnam to do volunteer work and travel responsibly. Through our programs and projects, volunteer not only get new experiences in a new country, but also feel pleased with their philosophy and their purpose of traveling.

Social Impact

Vina Volunteer Service is committed to environmental, social and cultural responsibility. Our goal is to minimize the negative influences and maximize the benefits to local communities, economy and environment. Further, Vina Volunteer Service helps to create local jobs. Our project has been implemented at many sites in Vietnam. Volunteers come to help local people, they not only bring their knowledge and experience but also the hope, and drive to improve the economy of the local community.

Foundation Year
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David Nguyen
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