Vision in Action Cameroon

Promote sexual reproductive health knowledge and services for youth with disabilities through training, focus group discussion and information sharing

About the Project

The project’s Increase access to appropriate health information, knowledge, learning materials and facilities, to address the basic health needs
Provide educational and training opportunities to the Children, Youth, and young adults with disabilities and those under difficult circumstances to give them knowledge and skills for self-sustenance
It is not unusual to have policy makers suggest that time, energy and resources should first be devoted to non-disabled populations, with the assumption that disabled populations will receive attention as soon as the problems with the non- disabled population are solved. This is unacceptable. The lives of individuals with disability are no less valuable than the lives of those who are not disabled - there is no reason why the millions who live with a disability should delay or deny their needs and wait for an unspecified point in the future. The health of women and youth with disabilities is a human right issue and is a fundamental pillar for progress on the road to achieving the Millennium Development Goals by reaching out to the young people who most are risk with education and prevention strategies.

Social Impact

Access to reproductive health services and skills for STI prevention including HIV

NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Peeters Fongeh
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