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Anti poaching Tracking Ranger Volunteer Centre Namibia

Volunteer Centre Namibia

Anti poaching Tracking Ranger
Windhoek, Namibia Volunteer Centre Namibia NGO | Volunteer Centre Namibia
An outreach initiative that initiates, assists and implements projects beneficial to endangered animals, vulnerable animal life and the fragile ecosystem of Namibia.
 Visual Support Assistance
Windhoek, Namibia Volunteer Centre Namibia NGO | Volunteer Centre Namibia
VCN’s Volunteer for Visual Support is an outreach initiative that initiates, assists and implements projects beneficial to learners with visual impairments in Namibia.

Project Details

By registering as a volunteer with ourselves you will gain access to a number of unique volunteer programs some of which are only offered through ourselves.

Volunteer Centre Namibia

Volunteering in Namibia with Volunteer Centre is an excellent experience for overseas volunteers, it will immerse you within a different culture and environment, while helping you develop everyday skills. Whether your volunteer program is based around wildlife, helping in a school or maintenance work, it will be a fantastic opportunity to learn new things while having fun. Our volunteer programs are excellent for young and older volunteers, with short programs being available for you to gain first hand work experience to longer programs being available to give you the skills persons and experience for your dream job.

Where and for Who?

Volunteer Center Namibia is a nonprofit, non-governmental community-based outreach organization with core programs and services that involve and engage people from all walks of life from all over the world to assist us in addressing various community and environmental challenges in Namibia

THE Centre: situated 24km southwest of Windhoek on the C26, just over the Kupferberg pass, Amani Development Centre stands, on a 160 ha piece of land.  At the altitude of 2150 m above sea level, it overlook  the capital of Namibia to the east,  while the breathtaking vastness of the Khomas Hochland mountains with the majestic Gamsberg lies to the west.

Volunteer Centre Namibia is a nonprofit organization that caters for individuals as well as groups from all over the globe who are interested in self-development through service and experience.

Our programs focus on the main values of character development, adventure and challenge, compassion, service, social and environmental responsibility.  Regardless of color race or language, everyone that chose our program can be assured of a warm welcome. Core values such as courage, trust, integrity, compassion, discipline and cooperation are the criteria by which participants are allowed to enter our program.

Our programs which are conducted in the wilderness, urban settings and everyday situations are designed to create the opportunity to experience adventure and challenge, develop character and compassion, and learn social and environmental responsibilities, regardless of academic or financial qualifications.  We aim to bring together diverse groups of people to instill cultural understanding and to help participants to discover their hidden talents and skills and to grow a better understanding of themselves and how they relate to others, and their environment.  It also aims to develop skills and to build lasting relationships with other people from other parts of the world.

Our Establishment is typical Namibian - Open, diverse and friendly, Linda and Ben, the manager’s couple, live on the premises together with 3 staff members. During most weekends and holidays the rest of the family, 2 sons with their wife’s, grandchildren and friends visit the farm and we are eager to receive people from around the world to share, learn and experience from their pool of knowledge. We are only n few minutes’ drive outside Windhoek (the capital city of Namibia) where you can experience all the novelties of a city and also visit the historical buildings and settings. We are also on route to the well-known Namib Nauklauft Park and Sossusvlei. We love our country and if we have a free weekend or a few days free, we pack our off road caravan to visit the coast, Desert Sossusvlei and other well-known or the not so well-known areas.

Our Mission

Through a network of local and international volunteers, organizations and services, we aim to supports and serve the interests of various community and environmental issues.

Our Objectives

  • Facilitate collaborative partnerships with volunteers to serve the interests of various programs
  • Advocate on behalf of vulnerable children and endangered animals and ecosystems
  • Initiate and implement programs beneficial to vulnerable children and the environment
  • Work together with local and international organizations for the improvement of the quality of life of different abled children and the protection of Namibia’s wildlife

Languages spoken

Afrikaans and English

Give your time and help the Namibian community

We are looking for helpful and reliable volunteers, no matter how much or how little time you're able to spare.  So why not make good use of your skills and get involved in our local community.

You could:

  • Help make our outreach a success
  • Help local organizations and community to experience from your pool of knowledge and expertise
  • Offer your expertise to our organization to supply assistive service to various programs

At our facilities, 24 km outside of Windhoek, volunteers could experience the life beyond the city, enjoy the most amazing sunsets in Namibia and become familiar with various kinds of wildlife and plants in the Namibian Mountain Savanna settings.

The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organisation
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Linda Benade
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

The driving force behind our organization Volunteer Centre Namibia is the selfless giving of resources, skills, time and love by volunteers and at the same time it is a great way to develop your own skills, meet new people and work as part of an enthusiastic team. People come from all walks of life with the common aim of changing the lives of vulnerable children with a Disability into an Abled Person and to assist local organizations in the fight against poachers.

We aim to implement our plans by training and engaging the volunteers to participate in a variety of activities.  Volunteers will attend an orientation session/ training where they receive introductory training on various skills to support and guide those in the various volunteer programs.





Pursued Sustainable Development Goals