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Assisting at a School for children with special needs, helping their regular carers and teachers with their lessons and everyday activities.

About the Project

At the special needs centre there is always a need for help, casual and professional help in the physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology departments, it’s great if you have experience in this field, but not necessary as there are many other children who need a helping hand just putting a coat on, holding a pencil, eating or most of all encouraging.
The special needs centre has classes with up to ten children with varying needs, we have Autistic, Downs Syndrome, disabled and deaf children, some more serious than others, some with additional ailments, but they are all characters and they all wear great big smiles especially once they get to know you. Each class has a teacher and if the teacher is lucky a local volunteer.
You as a volunteer here, you will be an assistant to the teacher and volunteer. The language barrier is overcome very quickly and the children will love having you around to help them. These children love visitors and will always try to have a laugh and a joke with you.
This project runs during school term times only so please ask about specific dates

Caring For And Teaching Under-Privileged Children
Social Impact

The aim at the center is to fully care for the children and their education throughout their school years and also to equip them for life after school. It is all about creating confidence and a few smiles along the way.

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