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We place fluent English speakers into poorer Thai schools.
Winner of the Tourism Authority of Thailand's Green Award for Excellence

About the Project

Volunteer Teachers came out of the inspirational Tsunami Volunteer Centre.
Community leaders requested English speakers to help in their schools.
Schools in affluent areas charge parents a fee in order to hire an Native English Teacher.
Volunteers teach in schools that cannot afford to hire additional teachers. There is no cost to the schools or to the children.
The volunteers are helped to follow the Thai National Curriculum so their input brings added value to the school's programmes and to the children's education.
With a good standard of English, a student can look for a career in business, commerce and tourism. It can be a route out of poverty. A pass in the English exam is essential for university entrance.
A child from a poor area has less chance of university.
Volunteer English speakers can help level the playing field by giving her the chance to succeed.
Thai teaching is very conservative. 'Chalk and talk' make the subject dry and uninteresting. We provide active visual lessons that capture the child's imagination and inspire her to study.
A Thai teacher commented "The children love the volunteers' lessons. Now they are hungry for English."

Teaching English in Schools
Social Impact

The project offers children the opportunity to learn English.
Children from poorer schools face a future with very limited opportunies. A girl from the Moken village will spend her llife filleting the fish her husband catches every day.
She may get a cleaning job in a hotel during the high season.. If she speaks English she could be 'front of house' dealing directly with guests and with a year round employment.
It is about giving these children an opportunity for a better life.

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