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Join the Elephant Care Program in Jaipur, India. Help the local mahouts & become a good care taker of Elephants in India.

About the Project

In 2005 the Government of Rajasthan, India, has allotted a place in the area, 30 hectares of land near Jaipur, a place called Elephant Village. It has stable blocks for each elephant, it has housing for the animals; it also has a big man-made lake where the elephants can swim, play and get thoroughly washed after a day spent in the heat and dust. The total population of these big animals in Elephant Village consists of 115 of them. As per the number of total of population still 50% are not yet accommodated in Elephant Village by the government due to site is still under construction. The reason behind starting this project is to give the right care and help to the mahouts who look after their elephants all day.
Our mission is to provide the best support to care for the elephants in Jaipur, India. As it has been seen for the past few years, the elephant population is decreasing everywhere. We really need to save these creatures & provide them good care and love.

Elephant Conservation Work
Social Impact

An enormous satisfaction from inside as you have work which have your needs. The local people do not interact with elephants so all the care work is done by their mahouts. Elephant Village needs volunteers like youand support from local people to care for these big beauties.

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