Wema Hospital

The objective being that our volunteers live with the host communities, learn through their struggles, and thus help them formulate solutions.

About the Project

Wema volunteers is our volunteers programme that begun in 2012 to help our volunteers learn basic primary healthcare and use it in their local communities. Here they are equipped with necessary skills that help in their career progression or life skills. The volunteers shadow medics in the various departments that's pharmacy, laboratory or diagnostic room or radiology room. They help organise patients inventories, their respective regimen help in delivery room and simple procedures in the wards. Besides they're showed how community health projects run and how they can be part of the solution in the local community. This is done by involving them in community social projects like educating women, life skill training and community mobilization skills besides giving lectures on public health. We support hiv aids food programme, tb programme and reproductive programme in the slums.

Women Empowerment - Life Skills Teacher Rural Health Care Assistant Caring, Mentoring and Playing with Children
Social Impact

This project has helped increase family planning services in the community hence increased maternal health among women and girls. Helped people live a healthy lifestyle by having choices and teaching them life skills. Our volunteers have had opportunities to be involved directly with receivers of aid meant to support their projects.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
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Yes, registered non-profit organisation
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Evans Obare
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