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Assisting Animal Caretaker Assisting Animal Caretaker Kirkwood, South Africa Wild Cats World Agency | Wild Cats World
Volunteer with us & have a wonderful time working in South Africa with the amazing African species: leopards, cheetahs, servals, caracals, wild- & Black-footed cats!

1 Project review of Wild Cats World

Project Details

The mission of Wild Cats World is to contribute to the survival in the wild of the wild catspecies, to be a safe place for cats born in captivity or injured cats.

Mission & Projects:
Wild Cats World is a Dutch foundation with many projects worldwide, educational and conservational, with only one focus to keep the wild catspecies, big and small, protected in the wild but also give the best of life possible to captive cats, like in the sanctuary/conservation project in South Africa, giving true (wild) cat enthusiasts and die-hards a great offer to come over and volunteer, working closely with the South African native species: African wildcats, Black-footed Cats, Caracals, Cheetahs, Leopards and Servals.


Babette de Jonge founded WCW in 2010 (after having done lots of work for the wild cats already for many years) to be able to officially do more for the (endangered) wild catspecies around the world. So, WCW is involved in many different project around the world, like: - The Javan Leopard Release program in Indonesia - The Canned Hunting –X- Project in S.A. - Pallas Cat Conservation Project (start 2017) - Many educational projects: lectures, workshops, trying to reason with farmers/hunters, writing articles for magazines, publishing books,etc. - S.A. project (Spotted Cats Conservation) you are about to visit. Association started with the foremost Private Game Reserves in Eastern Cape/S.A. for a hopefully future release of leopard youngsters born in the WCW conservationproject.

S.A. Conservation Project & Sanctuary:

Babette started the S.A. Project/sanctuary with support of partner Anton, first as sanctuary for the 2 leopards (Feline and Felix) they rescued from a breeding farm/trader’s list also meant for Canned Hunters, and the 3 black footed cats (2 males and 1 female) that were brought in injured as they ended up in a gintrap in the wild. As of two them had their frontleg amputated, they couldn’t be release back in the wild again. In the meantime WCW also welcomed another female (Diva), said to be born in captivity, but you never know in SA and they might have taken her from the wild too, and started a conservation and breeding project for them as they are very endangered, but sadly the males in the meantime both died so at this point there's the 2 females and hard to get a new male in. The huge leopard Conservation and Education project was started, at the same time an experiment in many ways, and (DCP) female caracal Lea (now in care of WCW), whose mother was killed by a farmer why she was human-raised, got company from the mother-raised WCW male Leo, also from the “famous list”, and they did have a litter of two cubs, daughter Nina (II) and her brother Thilido.

Anti-Canned Hunting Project & Achievement:

Babette initiated the rescue of 2 lions from Canned Hunting. As she was busy with the leopard project (which as you can image is a huge investment) she managed to find a sponsor who took over the lion boys Chuck and Norris, and sponsored their camp as well. They are now part of and in care of DCP, not of WCW. Together with a celeb who only wants to be referred to as madame X Babette also managed to get (so far) another 8 lions out of Canned Hunting, and they are taken care of by Madame X who offered them a piece of land of 100HA to sort of free range, wild but protected.

Free range & Release Programs:

Something WCW wants to achieve once for all the ambassadors in their S.A. Project too, but lots of funds are needed to achieve that. First priority is to keep expanding, and extending, the current enclosures and camps and provide the cats with the best of game meat, pretty luxury but the best for them.  The project in S.A. is started as a sort of private project to give a safe home and great place to these cats, but also to be able to use the ambassadors for education (as mentioned above here, but also for guests and tourists wanting to see and learn), raising awareness and conservation (WCW does breed on low scale, with intention to be able to get fresh blood in, very essential for some species, and to hopefully one day being able to do free ranging or release programs). As for the breeding the females in the WCW project are allowed to have at least one litter, to have them feel the ultimate experience of being a mum and raising cubs/kittens. Of course they will never end up being exploited, traded or abused, for all WCW has a set up plan.

WCW Leopard Conservation Project:

This project has many different angles. The S.A. Project is a kind of “experiment” too. Babette and Anton observed so much exceptional behaviour of their leopards, compared to the behaviour of the wild leopard family they followed, who also showed some similar and above all ‘different” behaviour. Find out more if you happen to work alongside Babette and/or Anton when they are there. Just in general..however proud of what has been achieved so far, WCW is aiming to do so much more as only the best is good enough for the cats, also in their (one) captive project. Creating as much wild in their projects as possible.

Ultimate Mission:

The ultimate mission is to release the leopardcubs (and other cubs/kittens) in Private Game Reserves to live wild. Associations are started now with the foremost Private Game Reserves in the Eastern Cape/S.A. and the waiting is for the right permits to start with the first release. 

The main focus of the project is on
Foundation Year
Contact Person
Babette De Jonge
Spoken Languages

Social Impact

At our sanctuary/conservationproject we give the best of (permanent) care to captive born wild cats or injured (wild) cats born in the wild. With our conservation programme we do have a responsible breeding program, and our aim is to release the youngsters in the Private Game Reserves (non-hunting) in the Eastern Cape, starting with leopards. This is important for the species and also of economical and educational importance. With our help the Reserves in the Eastern Cape hope to be able to show the Big Five instead of "just" the Big Four, after releasing leopards born at our project.

By having our sanctuary/Conservation Project in Kirkwood/Eastern Cape, South Africa, we do support the local community with our input and financial support by making use of the local shops, restaurants, National parks, farmers, poor society etc. Volunteering at our project means contributing to this social impact.   

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals
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