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WWOOF Togo is a Togolese organization created to promote educational exchanges around organic farming and practices in harmony with the environment.

Who we are?

We are an association called WWOOF Togo which represents the international WWOOF movement born in England in 1971 to promote organic farming in the world.
What we do?

Our first role is to connect volunteers (WWOOFers) in contact with farms that adopt biological techniques members of our network. We are also keeping track of the farmers and volunteers they are hosting to make sure everything is going well. We are executing projects for the benefit of poor farmers with the support of international organizations to help them out of poverty.

Where we work?

Our organization is based in Togo in the city of Kpalimé, a country located in West Africa between Benin and Ghana. Togo has a population of about 8 million. It is a poor country and more than half of the population is young. The main economic activity of the population is agriculture (including livestock).

Togo is a peaceful country despite some political difficulties. It is a secure country and whose inhabitants have legends but real hospitality. It is a coastal country and it has the largest port of West Africa.

Our history

Our story started in 2012 on the Danyi Mountains where we met our first members.

We contacted WWOOF UK who supported us and the organization was created. Since WWOOF Togo has about 50 farmers and organizations that practices organic farming in respect of the environment. More than 100 volunteers have already visited our farms and we have kept memorable memories of their visit.

Our mission/vision

The mission of WWOOF Togo is to promote organic farming in Togo and sustainable fight against poverty.
-Our goal is to allow the farmer of our network to have more visibility and to train themselves to meet the challenges of the practice of a healthy agriculture in the context of climate change and the increase of the population.

Who are we looking for?

We will welcome everyone aged 18 and over of any nationality. We will share our knowledge and we will build friendly relations for a better world

Why choose us?
WWOOF is the large organic farming organization in the World. By choosing to volunteer with us, you will have opportunity to learn about organic farming in Togo, discover cultures like pineapple, coffee and cocoa and you will appreciate the beauty of our landscape.
You will have the opportunity to discover the local tradition, traditional dances and others. WWOOF is friendship

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Social Impact

Since its creation, WWOOF Togo has developed several social projects to improve the living conditions of vulnerable populations. We offered hives to farmers and planting honey trees in schools and hospitals.

The social impact of our work is more visible in Danyi where we are in partnership with schools to promote school gardens and the reforestation of fruit trees. We also provided school supplies to students with the support of our volunteers.

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