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Your Extra Layer of Security

Siem Reap, Cambodia by The Leap
6 - 10 weeks

Voluntourism Round Trips

A unique program which includes community development, teaching and elephant conservation in the city of Siem Reap, at the coast and in the remote jungle.

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Pietermaritzburg, South Africa by African Samaritans
1 - 8 weeks

Environment Research

Volunteers with a calling to educate people on Fracking or who want to do more research in this area.

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Bamenda, Cameroon by CAMAAY
4 - 36 weeks

Environment Sustainability

Implement emergency measures to protect and extend the water supply in the Batibo district (pop. 70,000).

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Ssese Islands, Uganda by Firefly Uganda
13 - 50 weeks

Community Construction

Work on a variety of environmental projects to provide access to clean water, sanitation and better infrastructure, whilst protecting the environment we live in!

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San Salvador, El Salvador by CIS El Salvador
12 - 50 weeks

Environment Sustainability

Volunteer in helping giving access to clean water communities in El Salvador. This help improve the health and daily lives of all recipients.

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Delhi, India by CICD
21 - 21 weeks

Environment Sustainability

5 months course: 6 weeks training and preparation at CICD - 11 weeks volunteer work at environment project in India - 4 weeks evaluations

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Bamenda, Cameroon by CAMAAY
4 - 36 weeks

Environment Sustainability

-Design system improvements and maintenance measures to supply ample clean water on an ongoing basis -Implement interim protective measures

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