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Raja Ampat , Indonesia The Great Projects-Logo by The Great Projects
3 - 12 weeks
Dive unexplored reefs and partake in marine conservation amongst the islands of the intrepid Raja Ampat archipelago.
Malapascua, Philippines People and the Sea-Logo by People and the Sea
2 - 12 weeks
The reefs of Malapascua are beautiful...but under pressure. Learn the methods and techniques used to assess and quantify their health and contribute to their protection.
Placencia, Belize ReefCI-Logo by ReefCI
1 - 16 weeks
Make a difference by removing lionfish, an invasive species decimating reef ecosystems. Learn to dive or further your skills while culling lionfish with our team.
Placencia, Belize ReefCI-Logo by ReefCI
1 - 16 weeks
Join an award winning project and become part of an active research team. Learn to dive or further your skills while doing hands-on conservation projects!
Placencia, Belize ReefCI-Logo by ReefCI
4 - 16 weeks
Gain real insight into marine conservation work and methodologies through hands-on conservation training and work experience, while also having lots of fun!
Nosy Be, Madagascar Frontier-Logo by Frontier
1 - 8 weeks
Dive in some of the least explored marine sites in the world and work towards a sustainable environment in Madagascar.
Naifaru, Maldives Atoll Volunteers-Logo by Atoll Volunteers
2 - 12 weeks
Rehabilitate and release turtles that have been rescued from the illegal pet trade, while educating Maldives' community about environmental awareness.
Mafia Island, Tanzania Frontier-Logo by Frontier
1 - 10 weeks
Scuba dive and survey on a protected marine reserve and experience one of Tanzania's most beautiful and exclusive locations.
Gili Air, Indonesia Gili Shark Conservation-Logo by Gili Shark Conservation
2 - 50 weeks
Our mission is to promote shark conservation and conduct citizen scientific research essential for effective marine conservation management worldwide. Support us now!
Lisbon, Portugal ImpacTrip -Logo by ImpacTrip
1 - 4 weeks
An experience for those who just love the Ocean. Discover a new underwater world and contribute to clean up the Atlantic Ocean.
Punta Gorda, Belize Ridge to Reef Expeditions-Logo by Ridge to Reef Expeditions
8 - 8 weeks
Join our summer expedition team to get involved in SCUBA diving to collecting coral reef data, to planting trees with community groups.
Cairns, Australia GoEco-Logo by GoEco
2 - 2 weeks
Make a difference in marine conservation at the Great Barrier Reef! Visit a turtle rehabilitation center and collect data for important research.
Eilat, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
2 - 4 weeks
Volunteer for a unique coral reef conservation project in the Red Sea and help preserve one of the richest marine environments on Earth.
Andros Island, Bahamas Gapforce -Logo by Gapforce
4 - 10 weeks
Learn from our marine scientists, help create UNESCO protected marine parks, teach conservation awareness in primary schools and become a PADI diver!
Hoandedhdhoo, Maldives Sun sHADe Volunteers Maldives-Logo by Sun sHADe Volunteers Maldives
2 - 3 weeks
Sun sHADe Volunteers (Maldives) provide opportunities for responsible and meaningful working holidays in one of the most beautiful places in the world: The Maldives!
Inhambane, Mozambique The Great Projects-Logo by The Great Projects
2 - 16 weeks
Work towards integral marine conservation in one of the most marine-rich locations on Earth.
Caqalai Island, Fiji GoEco-Logo by GoEco
4 - 12 weeks
Discover Fiji's underwater wonderland and become a seasoned diver, all while completing invaluable research toward local conservation initiatives.
Sihanoukville, Cambodia Save Cambodian Marine Life-Logo by Save Cambodian Marine Life
1 - 50 weeks
Come join our marine conservation team to help build, clean and maintain new coral frames on our coral nursery & then transplant into reef when they are mature.
Nosy Komba, Madagascar The Leap -Logo by The Leap
4 - 10 weeks
Venture to the remote islands of Madagascar to get stuck into marine and lemur conservation and teaching. Mixed into the program are scuba courses and island hopping.
Mafia Island, Tanzania The Great Projects-Logo by The Great Projects
2 - 12 weeks
Take part in this vital marine conservation internship project on the stunning Mafia Island in Tanzania.

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