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Made for Meaningful Travel

Your Extra Layer of Security

Balikpapan , Indonesia by The Great Projects
1 - 4 weeks

Animal Primate

This project offers you the chance to work on enrichment with captive orangutans and sun bears at the world renowned Samboja Lestari rescue centre.

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Kuching, Malaysia by The Great Projects
2 - 2 weeks

Voluntourism Round Trips

On this tour you can work towards the conservation of orangutans and experience traditional tribal life, while exploring the riches of the Bornean rainforest.

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Sarawak , Malaysia by The Great Projects
2 - 4 weeks

Animal Primate

Get hands on in our center, working to improve the lives of orangutans and rehabilitate them for a life in the wilderness!

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La Paz , Bolivia by The Great Projects
2 - 12 weeks

Animal Wildlife

Help to take care of wildlife rescued animals from illegal traffickers in Bolivia as a conservation volunteer! Our animals are happy for every helping hand.

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Kainuu, Finland by The Great Projects
1 - 1 weeks

Voluntourism Round Trips

Explore the stunning wilderness of Finland, in pursuit of incredible wolves, bears and wolverines.

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Java, Indonesia by GoEco
2 - 8 weeks

Animal Primate

Many of Indonesia's injured and illegally traded wildlife find a safe haven at this rescue center. Help aid heir rehabilitation and spend time teaching basic English

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Huancayo, Peru by Peru Peru Volunteering
2 - 50 weeks

Animal Wildlife

Support the permanent employees at the local zoo in the Peruvian Central Andes with various daily tasks like taking care of animals.

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Nanegal, Ecuador by South America Inside
2 - 25 weeks

Environment Conservation

Maintaining hiking trails, working in the organic garden, working in agroforestry, supporting eco-tourism projects.

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Panyabungan - Batang Gadis National Park, Indonesia by Sumatra Rainforest Institute
3 - 11 weeks

Animal Wildlife

Use your skills to help animals & assist with wildlife rescues, health care and wildlife keeping at SRI's Wildlife Centre in North Sumatra!

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