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Zoo Assistant
Huancayo, Peru Peru Peru Volunteering Agency | Peru Peru Volunteering
Support the permanent employees at the local zoo in the Peruvian Central Andes with various daily tasks like taking care of animals.
Wildlife Conservation & Climate Change Supporter
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica Frontier NGO | Frontier
Contribute to vital conservation research in one of the most ecologically diverse locations on the planet.
Jaguar Conservation and Research
Jalova, Costa Rica Global Vision International (GVI) Agency | Global Vision International (GVI)
Discover the Costa Rica rainforest and assist in the research of the endangered Jaguars
National Park Worker
San Jose, Costa Rica South America Inside Agency | South America Inside
Clearing and maintaining hiking trails, cleaning beaches and protecting wildlife, guiding vistors and educating them.
Rainforest Conservation Research
Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica GoEco Agency | GoEco
This placement aims to provide invaluable data research that will ensure the continued environmental and wildlife conservation efforts of the Costa Rican government.
Wildlife Sanctuary Worker
Ascención, Bolivia South America Inside Agency | South America Inside
Prepare food for the animals, cleaning cages, general maintenance of the house and grounds
Wildlife Rescue Worker
Flores, Guatemala South America Inside Agency | South America Inside
Collecting food for animals, constructing new or bigger cages for the animals, administering medicine to sick animals
Jaguar Research and Conservation
Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica GoEco Agency | GoEco
On this project you will assist in the protection of endangered jaguars, whilst living and working in Costa Rica’s rainforest.

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