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Your Extra Layer of Security
Jaipur, India AII Group-Logo by AII Group
4 - 50 weeks
This orphanage program is looking for volunteers to support the project by education, mentoring, personality development & sports.
Tabanan, Indonesia Plan My Gap Year-Logo by Plan My Gap Year
4 - 24 weeks
Support a kindergarten in Bali and teach children important life skills to give them a headstart for school.
Kathmandu, Nepal Third Eye Foundation-Logo by Third Eye Foundation
4 - 20 weeks
We organize volunteer programs to serve for the good and happiness of others. If you have decided to become a volunteer out of compassion, then we are here to provide you
Jaipur, India AII Group-Logo by AII Group
4 - 24 weeks
The project is a residential project for orphan children from rural areas of the city. They often have lost both of their parents and are dependent on long-time help.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia Asia Volunteer Network-Logo by Asia Volunteer Network
4 - 24 weeks
This program is organized to make good education achievable for children of poor families. If you love working with children, this program is made for you.
Bwindi, Uganda Big Beyond-Logo by Big Beyond
2 - 24 weeks
We aim to strengthen cultural values that get lost in a changing world, raise pride and celebrate the mix of different cultures in the area.
Bwindi, Uganda Big Beyond-Logo by Big Beyond
2 - 24 weeks
Help the community to benefit from Uganda’s emerging tourism industry. The Bwindi Tourism Club is under development and we need volunteers to help.
Arusha, Tanzania Viva Tanzania-Logo by Viva Tanzania
2 - 50 weeks
Help fighting discrimination and violence against women and children trough educating them, teaching them important skills and guarding their children while they learn.
Knysna, South Africa EDGE of AFRICA-Logo by EDGE of AFRICA
2 - 12 weeks
Join us as a sports volunteer and give underprivileged children in Africa the chance to develop their love of sports!
St Mary , Jamaica V2 Volunteer & Vacation -Logo by V2 Volunteer & Vacation
1 - 8 weeks
Gain international experience in Community Development projects in Jamaica. Assist in advocacy, organizing events, leading workshops and much more.
Napoli, Italy International Napoli Network-Logo by International Napoli Network
4 - 12 weeks
Help the refugee and migrant community gain a foothold in Europe by helping in shelters, educating, health care and activities tailored to their long-term integration.
Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka Plan My Gap Year-Logo by Plan My Gap Year
2 - 24 weeks
Carry out renovation work in a number of community facilities in and around Ambalangoda such as schools, government hospitals, orphanages and Buddhist temples.
Cape Town, South Africa South African Students Travel Service (SASTS)-Logo by South African Students Travel Service (SASTS)
4 - 12 weeks
Volunteer at a Creche or Kindergarten in Cape Town with infants and children up to 6 years of age.
Woe, Ghana African Adventures-Logo by African Adventures
2 - 4 weeks
Coach a variety of sports for children in our partner schools. With limited resources you will have to think on your feet to entertain the children.
Nakuru, Kenya African Adventures-Logo by African Adventures
4 - 4 weeks
Depending on your confidence and skillset, you can assist teachers or coach your own sessions. Either way, you will be making a real difference.
Gojra, India AII Group-Logo by AII Group
4 - 50 weeks
We are looking for hard working and dedicated volunteers to support our campaigns and classes for women empowerment in the Himalayas.
Woe, Ghana African Adventures-Logo by African Adventures
2 - 4 weeks
You will be supporting with the building and renovation of new and existing school structures, to allow more children a free, engaging education.
Kampala, Uganda Africa Sustainable Tourism -Logo by Africa Sustainable Tourism
2 - 24 weeks
You will have the chance to experience new cultures while providing essential support in life skills training to communities in real need.
Port Elizabeth, South Africa Khaya Volunteer Projects-Logo by Khaya Volunteer Projects
6 - 12 weeks
The Door of Hope Orphanage is a safe haven for 32 children where volunteers can assist in numerous ways!
Kathmandu, Nepal We Volunteer Nepal-Logo by We Volunteer Nepal
4 - 20 weeks
Help homeless and orphaned children back to healthy, secure and constructive lives. Helping those unprotected children is a pure humanitarian work.

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