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Tel Aviv, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
4 - 10 weeks
Become a mentor, companion and friend to people of all ages with special needs!
Tel Aviv, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
1 - 10 weeks
Give vulnerable cats and dogs a second chance and lend a helping hand at this shelter in Tel Aviv.
Jerusalem, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
4 - 6 weeks
As a volunteer, you will work at a nursery for rehabilitation of at-risk youth, learn about horticulture, and make a real impact on local youth in Jerusalem!
Tel Aviv, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
1 - 3 weeks
Join a team of wonderful people who purchase food from several sources in Israel, then package it and distribute it to the underprivileged in Tel Aviv and Jaffa.
Nimrod, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
2 - 4 weeks
Help construct and maintain sustainable buildings, explore experimental bio-farming, take in the awe-inspiring scenery and visit the ancient ruins of Nimrod Fortress.
Tzukim, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
2 - 8 weeks
Help build an eco village in the stunning Arava Desert and learn to work with environmentally friendly building materials such as earth, mud, and straw.
Eilat, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
2 - 8 weeks
Join this unique wildlife conservation program in the desert landscape of the Arava, and help to re-populate the nature reserve with the region's native species!
Eilat, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
2 - 4 weeks
Volunteer for a unique coral reef conservation project in the Red Sea and help preserve one of the richest marine environments on Earth.
Negev, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
2 - 10 weeks
Volunteer at this unique "B & B" in the peaceful Negev Desert which is sustaining itself through the use and production of alpaca wool.
ALEH-Negev, Israel ALEH-Logo by ALEH
Free of charge
4 - 50 weeks
The Volunteer is placed in residential units where they will become integrated with the staff. The tasks range from care-giving, assistance with activities and education
Har Etan, Israel GoEco-Logo by GoEco
1 - 8 weeks
Volunteer in the beautiful Sataf region and be a part of the team that cares for this agriculturally unique and historically fascinating corner of Israel.

Volunteer in Israel