Education Assistant

You are working/studying in the field of education and want to volunteer in order to help and advise them in their activities with children & youth.

Important Notice: All communication for this particular volunteer program has to take place in Spanish language as the project manager speaks Spanish only. Thank you for your understanding! :) 

In one year, Identidad Vecinal was able to build one common room and a classroom in their community. Every afternoon, kids from the neighbourhood come to the common room to get a meal and participate in different activities, organised by volunteers and people from the community. They also give additional lessons in divers subjects to the kids and a professional education in textile or construction to the youth.

If you volunteer at Identidad Vecinal as an education assistant, you would work with the people of the community and help them with the education of the kids. This can be by participating in or organising activities or workshops for the kids in the afternoons to keep them off the streets and teach them good values. They already offer activities such as sports, card games and music every afternoon, but they are very open to any suggestion you might have on a new activity you want to integrate. It's all about being a positive role model for these kids!

Furthermore, they are giving extra classes in reading and writing to the kids on the week-ends and in the afternoons. As a volunteer, you would participate in these classes and would be very welcome to organise new classes on different subjects that you find interesting and important. 

There are many ways in which you can help these kids and the entire community if you have knowledge in the field of education. Be creative !

General Information

Of the 40 million people living in Argentina, about 50% live in the province of Buenos Aires alone and thus generate a very dense concentration. During the 20th century, millions of people migrated from rural areas around the country to work in the industrialising capital. In 1994, the outskirts of Buenos Aires counted 340 major industries that each employed at least 500 employees. 20 years later, most of these industries have closed and moved to Asia and now leave the region with only 2 industries remaining and over 2 million work places less. The ever growing population of Buenos Aires and this disappearance of work places has thus created huge suburbs that are no longer able to respond to the needs of the people living there and Buenos Aires today has over 40% of it’s population living in poverty. One of these regions is La Matanza, counting about 2.5 million inhabitants and located 50 kilometers from the center.

In this region, Identidad Vecinal was created 9 years ago. More than just an organisation, it is a big family and a local community that strives to increase living conditions for all the people living here. We count over 70 members and work in various fields of work. As the government does not officially help most of these regions around Buenos Aires, we have to manage all of the daily challenges themselves.

This project was covered by SHARE A DREAM

For any additional information on Identidad Vecinal and to discover how you can contribute this project by helping from home as an expert or by donating, please visit their website. To apply for a volunteer position at Identidad Vecinal, please start your application on Volunteer World.

Education Assistant Girl of the community Construction of hospital Neighbourhood (from above) Girl playing and learning Kids running (photo from above) Textile industry

Suitable for


Program Requirements

Minimum Age
In order to join the program you need to be at least 18 years old on the program start date. There might be exemptions if you can provide the permission of your legal guardian(s).
Language Skills
You need to speak Spanish (basic level)
Nationality Restrictions
No restrictions. Helping hands from all over the world are welcome.
Time Commitment
Your helping hand will be required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Any questions? Just ask. We at Identidad Vecinal are happy to help you.

Free-time activities

A lot of sport and music activities are organised with the kids of the neighbourhood. Furthermore, visits to the center of Buenos Aires are organised by the NGO to show them around.



What's NOT included?
Visa, flights, travel insurance or vaccinations are NOT included in the program fees.

No worries, Volunteer World supports you in raising funds, checking your visa regulations and travel insurance. We also assist you in finding the cheapest flights for your journey.
Airport Pickup

A person from the NGO comes to pick up and drop off each volunteer at the airport.


The volunteers all sleep together in a 5 bed dorm in the main building. There is also a common shower, toilet and kitchen they can use.

Dorm Room
Food & Beverages

1 meal/day is provided for the volunteers (most of the time its dinner). The remaining food can easily be bought in the shop next door and they have a kitchen they can use at all times.

Internet Access
Good access at the project site

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The nearest airport is Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini (EZE) in Buenos Aires. We assist you to find cheap flights to Argentina.
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González Catán, La Matanza, B1758 Buenos Aires, Argentina

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