Environmental Education Volunteer, Starting 2017

You are working or studying in the field of education or environment and want to help them prepare education programs for adults and children.

Our vision is to become a landmark in conservation in Chile and the world, promoting a more informed society about the need to protect our nature and preserve beautiful biodiversity pools like San Juan. Our mission is to conserve and sustainably manage this sanctuary, promoting scientific research, environmental education and respect for nature. All this made possible through the democratization of the park and the construction of educational and scientific spaces inside the sanctuary.


Why? The park is home to 8 endangered trees, 7 endangered flowers, over 15 endangered animal species such as lizards, snakes and marsupials as well as more than 30 endangered bird species. Furthermore, they have over 75 endemic bees in the reserve and an introduced species that produces honey in the small and local production they set up. They also built a plant nursery, where they cultivate all the endemic species in order to be able to replant them into their natural habitat in the forest and keep them alive for many many years to come. They also have 3 species that only exist in this park and that are unique in the world. 

We have developed a management plan that includes multiple field activities in order to achieve the conservation of the biodiversity of the place and prepare the environmental education programs for future visitors. Our goal is to democratise the park and open it up to visitors. Furthermore, we want to create a school park for the environmental education of children and adults. If you are working or studying in the field of education or environment and want to volunteer, you can contact.

As a volunteer at Robles de Santillana, you would live inside the park and help us find innovative and compelling ideas to design the information center and environmental education workshops for children and adults. You would help us in our every day activities in the park, such as helping out in the plant nursery and the bee farm if you wish to. More precisely, we need you to design the workshops around the theme of environment and conservation that will allow us to invite adult in children groups into the park and sensibilise them to the natural sanctuary and its conservation.

As you will live in this beautiful park, you will be able to do amazing treks and discover this gem of nature. Santiago is only 2h drive away so you can visit the city for many cultural activities whenever you wish.

This project was covered by SHARE A DREAM

For any additional information on Identidad Vecinal and to discover how you can contribute this project by helping from home as an expert or by donating, please visit their website. To apply for a volunteer position at Identidad Vecinal, please start your application on Volunteer World.

Suitable for


Program Requirements

Minimum Age
18 years
Language Skills
You need to speak English (basic level) and Spanish (basic level)
Education Requirements
Education, Environment at University level
Time Commitment
Your helping hand will be required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

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Environmental Education Volunteer, Starting 2017 Park view Bee farm Plant nursery Park view erosion river

Free-time activities

You can do beautiful treks through this incredible natural reserve and furthermore organise trips to the culturally rich city of Santiago.



What's NOT included?
Visa, flights, travel insurance or vaccinations are NOT included in the program fees.

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Airport Pickup

A member of the NGO will pick you up at the airport in Santiago and bring you to the park.


A house inside the park is set up with kitchen, bedrooms and living room for all the volunteers staying there.

Dorm Room
Internet Access
Limited access at the project site

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