Football 4 Life - Football Coach & Organizer

This project organises numerous competitive football tournaments in order to target local youth and disseminate educational information about HIV/AIDS, drugs & malaria.

The Football 4 Life project organises numerous competitive football tournaments which target local youths from particularly vulnerable communities where there is a prevalence of social problems. The tournaments will act as an opportunity to teach the young participants (both boys and girls) about many pertinent social issues; such as drugs, HIV, malaria, female empowerment, and teen pregnancy. It is hoped that by sensitising the youths to such social issues that they can be diverted from making poor life decisions, therefore improving their lives and bettering their communities.

Football 4 Life runs from May until July. Volunteers are not obligated to stay the entire length of the project.

Needs / requirements: 

Hope Foundation is looking for volunteers who are flexible, motivated, open-minded, and friendly. It would be advantageous if you have teaching skills and some medical knowledge for informing the youths about illnesses such as malaria and HIV, but this is not a requirement for the role. Furthermore, some knowledge of French would be beneficial.

Suitable for


Typical day

Volunteers will spend their days organizing the football tournaments, preparing educational material, inviting participants to the tournament, coordinating some logistics, and teaching participants about social issues.

Program Requirements

Minimum Age
18 years
Language Skills
You need to speak English (basic level)
Education Requirements
at High School or University level
Other Skills
Basic knowledge of French is beneficial!
Time Commitment
Your helping hand will be required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

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Football 4 Life - Football Coach & Organizer Football 4 Life - Football Coach & Organizer Football 4 Life - Football Coach & Organizer Football 4 Life - Football Coach & Organizer Football 4 Life - Football Coach & Organizer Football 4 Life - Football Coach & Organizer

Free-time activities

In our ongoing as well as our summer programs, volunteers are expected to work between 7-8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Weekends can be spent exploring, sightseeing, relaxing, and hanging out with other volunteers or newly made friends! The local kids like to play with volunteers after their working day typically!



What's included?

Hope Foundation is an organization with limited financial resources; therefore, we require that each volunteer covers the cost of living during their stay in Cameroon, which we can arrange for both safety and comfort.

In addition to arranging accommodation, Hope Foundation picks up and drops off volunteers from the airport, and provides three healthy meals a day for volunteers. All volunteers receive a free T-Shirt. In the past ten years of receiving volunteers, this has proven to be both the easiest and most affordable way for volunteers to join us in Cameroon!

To enable us to easily prepare for the arrival of our volunteers, Hope Foundation asks for a deposit of 50% of the total amount prior to arrival of the volunteer.

What's NOT included?
Visa, flights, travel insurance or vaccinations are NOT included in the program fees.

No worries, Volunteer World supports you in raising funds, checking your visa regulations and travel insurance. We also assist you in finding the cheapest flights for your journey.
Airport Pickup

A Hope Foundation staff member will pick up volunteers directly from the airport. The journey to Bertoua is about 6 hours.


The types of accommodation vary from one project to the next and from one location to another. A high amount of flexibility is expected from volunteers at this juncture where living conditions are not always the same as from their home countries. Volunteers coming in groups usually live together in shared accommodations while individuals stay with host families, a culturally immersive experience which allows volunteers to integrate into the local Cameroonian community through food, dance, music, dressing, and general lifestyle!

Detailed information about the project including map (s) / photos, helpful links, will be available and sent to applicants by email.

Dorm Room Guest Family
Food & Beverages

Three healthy meals are provided per day to volunteers! In a host family stay, all meals are prepared for the volunteer. In the dorm building, volunteers have access to a full-stocked kitchen and a cook comes once a day to prepare lunch. Breakfast and dinner are made by the volunteers, though all groceries are provided by Hope Foundation.

Internet Access
Good access at the project site
4 weeks (min. stay)
5 weeks
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
9 weeks
12 weeks (max. stay)

You can volunteer at the project site in Bertoua/Cameroon between 4 weeks and 12 weeks. Please note that the above shown program fees are estimated and subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Hope Foundation will tell you your final price during your application process.
Average Fees
Deposit (15%)
The deposit is simply to reserve your volunteer placement. Payments are handled by PayPal, our trusted global payment provider. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can also pay using a credit card.
Final Payment (85%)
Your final payment will be agreed with Hope Foundation during the application process. Common solutions are either via bank transfer or a cash payment at the project site.

Get ready to volunteer in Cameroon

Check out first

Visa Regulations
Depending on your nationality, you have to arrange your visa for Cameroon. Please check the visa regulations for Cameroon.
Generally, volunteering abroad involves certain costs. In case you need financial support, we will assist you to fundraise your volunteer program in Cameroon.

What's next?

The nearest airport is Yaoundé (BTA) in Yaoundé. We assist you to find cheap flights to Cameroon.
Travel Insurance
Going abroad is an adventure and it is always best to be prepared. Sudden illness or injury, cancellation or theft - a travel insurance for Cameroon provides security and is a plus to have.
Vaccine Checker
If you are intending to volunteer in Cameroon you should seek medical advice before starting your social journey. Check your required vaccinations for Cameroon.
Packing List
Packing our bags is important to prepare your trip, but often turns into a last minute horror. Make sure you don't forget the essentials by creating a personalised packing list for your volunteer program in Cameroon upfront.
East Region, Bertoua, Cameroon