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Nosy Be Conservation is a marine conservation NGO based in Nosy Be Island, Madagascar. The organization works to create & repair artificial reefs and scientist research.

Nosy Be Conservation is a French NGO based in Nosy Be Island, Madagascar.
The organisation work in Madagascar since 2015 and the project started in 2013 for all the research aspect.

Our goal

Our goal is to protect Marine Life through Coral Reefs. Coral reefs, are the most important part of our ocean.
What we do is to create artficial reefs, transplant corals on it, survey it and fixed damaged corals and reef in natural area.
We also do some teaching for local community.

Where we work

We are working in the Island of Nosy Be, Madagascar. This is the most developped part in this country and safe. There is no plague problem here, only in the capitol, same as malaria. However we do the maximum to avoid this kind of problem just in case.
There is 3 hospitals here, with one working with most of the same technology than an occidental country. 

One recompression chamber is available on the Island, in case of any diving problem, and all volunteers will be under a dving professional insurance.

Our vision

We believe thah anybody can make a change to save our marine life. We want to make maximum of people aware of what is happening, and demonstrating that simple things can make a real change.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for motivated volunteers, because here you will not do only survey like most of the NGO but real things. This is also not a summer camp for teenagers but no worries you will have free time to party and discover this amazing place.

What we do

Nosy Be Conservation is the first NGO here making real work on Marine Conservation. We don't take more than 5 people a time because we want to be sure to keep working good. This is a big opportunities for people motivated to make something real about conservation, and because we are a family size NGO we always are listening our volunteers if there is anything personal they want to achieve during their journey.
So far we are the Best in our activity, beacause we had amazing volunteers, we take care of them and we all want to make a change !

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Social Impact

So far we created 5 artificial reefs, with more than 150 corals transplanted. Marine life came realy fast with more than 12 species of fish living in our artificial reefs. 

We been teaching english in the business chamber since 2017, and all our student improved their skills. 

We plan now to keep working on our artificial reef and create a partnership with some university, and we have also some local projects about global awareness for local community and tourist.

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