Empowerment and Integration of Deaf Community Empowerment and Integration of Deaf Community Bali, Indonesia AFS Indonesia
Help provide equal opportunity for the highest deaf population in Indonesia, in the peaceful side of Bali.

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We are the 18+ division of The Indonesian Foundation for Intercultural Learning.

We are a non-government, non-profit, volunteer-based organization and a partner of AFS Intercultural Program, who is committed to build a better world through intercultural exchange programs. We aim to produce future leaders that have the cultural understanding and awareness for their surroundings.

Our 18+ programs are run by subsidiary organization called Go Global Indonesia. We provide high quality and internationally curated intercultural programs in 4 program suites: Internship abroad, study abroad, volunteer abroad, and Hosting International Volunteers in Community Service programs. We are equipped with EBICL (Experience-Based Intercultural Learning) framework, allowing participants to really engage with the experience before during and after their trip, and gain Global Competence Certification after the program. 
The main focus of the project is on
NPO Status
Yes, registered non-profit organization
Contact Person
Andy Woods-Ballard
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Social Impact

We work with partner organizations all over Indonesia and the world on the pressing social issues in their communities. The issues include but are not limited to community development, women empowerment, accessible education, environmental conservation, and bee conservation. We ensure that each of our program makes a significant contribution to the development of the local community.

We believe that an intercultural exchange would benefit both international volunteers and local communities in understanding their own surroundings. We hope that such opportunity will result in innovative ways that would help their communities' growth.

Pursued Sustainable Development Goals

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