Project Details

ANOPA uses sports for development acceleration and access to variety of sports.

Our Goals

ANOPA's leading goals are “one world” / “youth for youth”, because we are living in the same world and are willing to connect to each other, to support others around the globe. Especially for the young people who are coming together and trying to exchange their different backgrounds. ANOPA builds on the enthusiasm of young people for sports and encourages them to take a serious look at socially relevant issues. It equally aims at the development of structures and networks within the sport community in the country particularly in the Central Region/Cape Coast.

About the Project

ANOPA (Agoro Ne Obra Pa) which translates literally in english as playing for a better life was launched in Cape Coast, Ghana in 2010 based on a cooperation between the Sportyouth Northrine Westphalia, and the Ministry of Generation, Family and Integration in Germany and Ghana. Since 2016 ANOPA is operating as an NGO for sports for development in Cape Coast,Ghana. All of the various sports disciplines are held at different schools and communities spread out through the Cape Coast district which gives ANOPA an extensive coverage area within Cape Coast and its environs.The project uses sports as an instrument for individual development, promotion of gender equity, peace building and conflict resolution, communication as well as social mobilization.

Our Vision

Our vision is to use sports as an intrument for individual development, gender equity, promotion of life and leadership skills, peace building, conflict resolution, communication as well as social mobilisation.

How we make a Difference

Therefore ANOPA Project uses seven(7) different sports (swimming, soccer, tennis, basketball, volley, martial arts and handball) as a tool aiming to have positive impact on children and the young adults.

Apart from that ANOPA has its Life skills programs which is targeted at our environment dubbed NothinLeavesEarth which has the imbeded idea of educating the public about the huge waste problems in Ghana and help to make Cape Coast a cleaner place. By teaching the concept in primary schools we try to implement the idea from the grassroots. Other topics such as HIV/AIDS prevention, among other petinent issues are also taught in schools under our Social Life Skills Programs.

The main focus of the project is on
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Yes, registered non-profit organization
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Ernest Appiah
Ernest Appiah
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Social Impact

ANOPA as it name suggest has a variable of social impact on the of such impact is

  • Help to keep the environment clean through its nothingleavesearth program.through this program the project teach upcycle to add value to plastics and also engage in clean up exercises with in Cape Coast.Schools and communities are educated on the need to keep their surroundings clean and live in a healthy community.All this are achieved through the use of sports.
  • As part of its sports programs the project also engages in swimming which is viewed as a social antedote to drowning cases along the coast line of Ghana where the sea is dominant.A lot of drowning cases are reported each month within Cape Coast and teaching kids and the youth how to swim and survive in water is one tremendous social impact agenda that has the potential of reducing drowning along the Coast and most especially within Cape Coast.
  • As more people become aware of swimming, the sea will be utilised more often and open defeacating will be minimised.The community will appreciate the sea more and will work at keeping it clean.
  • Our after school activities and weekend programs help keep the teenage groups occupied and useful thus minimising teenage excesses.Boys and Girls at this age who are idle may engage in social vices that may be detrimental to their health and the society as a whole.Our programs help occupy them productively and have the opportunity to be part of our lifeskills programs including HiV/AIDS, among others.

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